David Finlay unsure of his future, adds that he does enjoy NJPW

Originally published at David Finlay unsure of his future, adds that he does enjoy NJPW

The former IWGP Tag Team Champion discusses his future.

David Finlay has been a part of New Japan Pro-Wrestling for six years. Throughout his time in the company, he has captured the IWGP Tag Team and NEVER Openweight 6-Man Titles. Earlier this year, Finlay alongside his partner Juice Robinson made the move over to IMPACT Wrestling as a part of a company crossover and won the IMPACT Tag Titles.

This past May, David’s father, Fit Finlay said his son was confused about his next move career-wise. During his appearance on Wrestling Observer Live, David said he is confused about his next move and isn’t sure what’s next although he enjoys New Japan.

Well, honestly I have no idea. This is one of the most confusing times of my life, just what to do with my career. But I enjoy New Japan, I love that style, it’s home for me. Also, who knows when the world’s gonna open back up? And I do miss having a busy schedule so, really all depends.

Finlay went on to speak about the opportunity to work with IMPACT. With a rise in COVID cases and borders closing and opening in Japan, Finlay and Juice Robinson jumped at the opportunity. Finlay added that while he likes the Japanese style of wrestling, he favors the American TV style because it’s something fresh for him.

So it and I were given the offer of like, ‘Hey, do you guys wanna go and do IMPACT?’ We were like, ‘Yeah, absolutely. We’d love to do anything right now,’ because we were just sitting at home twiddling our thumbs, you know? Plus it’s another opportunity to go out there and get exposed to a different audience and for us to do a different style. My whole career, I’ve been in Japan for the most part. I have very little wrestling experience in the States. So for me, it’s a brand new market to be exposed to and I really enjoy it. I really enjoy the American TV style as opposed to the Japanese style. It’s just two completely different worlds. I love both of ‘em, they’re a lot of fun but it’s really nice to just do something and be out of my comfort zone.

He shared during the chat that he and his significant other have made the move to Tampa, Florida.

Finlay was in action on 8/14 at the NJPW Resurgence show in California. To read POST Wrestling’s written report of the show, head over to this link.

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