David Starr stripped of OTT, Southside & TNT Extreme Championships

Originally published at https://www.postwrestling.com/2020/06/18/david-starr-stripped-of-ott-southside-tnt-extreme-championships/

Following allegations of sexual misconduct made against David Starr, OTT, Revolution Pro Wrestling and TNT Extreme Wrestling have all stripped him of the championships he held within their respective promotions:

With immediate effect we declare the OTT championship as vacated. A decision on the future of the title will be made as we return to active competition pic.twitter.com/lmeviENzD6

— OTT WRESTLING (@OTT_wrestling) June 18, 2020

The Southside Championship has been declared vacant.

The future of the championship will be addressed in due course as we continue to prepare for our return to in ring competition. pic.twitter.com/FMGRrR00LO

— Revolution Pro (@RevProUK) June 18, 2020

TNT Extreme Wrestling’s statement pic.twitter.com/BxIyhKTZ2R

— TNT Extreme Wrestling (@TNTExtremeWres) June 18, 2020



Are they sure he actually did this?

Of course not. But why should that stop a rush to judgement. For once I have to give credit to WWE as they haven’t summarily decided Velveteen Dream is guilty of the allegations made against him (although I would have probably pulled him from television until an outcome was reached).

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They don’t know if these allegations are true but they do know people on social media want his head. That’s why they’ve taken the steps they have, PR.

I don’t understand why people just don’t sit back and wait to see the details. Guess we are still in this cycle.

PR is also the reason he has the titles in the first place. So that he would bring attention to these organizations that most people have never heard of. So I guess I don’t feel any sense of outage over him being “stripped” of these imaginary titles for any reason.

What more details do you want? We’ve heard both sides of the story. I dare say it’s only on twitter in the first place because authorities didn’t take it seriously.

So you read everything, and you decide whether you want to believe a woman who has literally nothing to gain (except death threats, doxing, cyber harassment et al), or if you want to believe the man who tried to introduce the term “grey rape” in order to exonerate himself by creating doubt around consent, which is black and white.


After the statements came from both sides, do we need more?

Obviously we need more to convict him and put him in jail. But we don’t need more to know that he is a piece of s** person, that will only bring bad press to your company. Given wrestling is an entertainment industry, that often chooses champions based on how they connect to their audience or how they bring in an audience, Then it makes no sense to keep him as champion.


What details?, no charges have been filed there is no investigation Into thus. Each side presented its stance so now that is what decisions will be based on.