DDT and Pro Wrestling NOAH merge to form CyberFight

Originally published at https://www.postwrestling.com/2020/07/27/ddt-and-pro-wrestling-noah-merge-to-form-cyberfight/

On Monday, CyberAgent announced the merger of DDT and Pro Wrestling NOAH that will take effect on September 1st under the banner of CyberFight.

It appears this is more to fortify the business structure in the wake of COVID-19 and its impact on their businesses. It was stated that it will make costs more efficient by integrating the management structure.

Sanshiro Takagi will serve as the president of CyberFight with Naomichi Marfuji and Akito appointed as Executive Vice Presidents of the management structure.

Takagi stated:

We will build a stronger management base that can adapt to the changing times. In the future, each group will operate as a business unit – NOAH Division, DDT Division. We will continue to work hard for each division. Of course, this has led to the disappearance of groups. There is no change in the color so far, so don’t worry there.

Regarding the on-site structure and ring of each group and brand – there are no changes. We ask all for their peace of mind.

The merger will also include the subsidiary DDT Foods Co. Ltd with divisions created under the new umbrella for the three companies.

Takagi stated the companies have been damaged throughout the pandemic.

Their goals include growing their Wrestle Universe streaming service, running a proper Tokyo Dome card, and overtaking New Japan as the top promotion in Japan.

The DDT English Update account on Twitter has translated notes from Monday’s press conference.

CyberAgent purchased full control of DDT in September 2017 and later added Pro Wrestling NOAH to its wrestling portfolio in January 2020. The Tokyo Joshi Pro and Ganbare groups also operated under the DDT umbrella when the purchase occurred.