Dealing with isolation and the mental side of this situation

The weakness of the TF game is that all the premade decks are absolutely terrible. The really opens up when you can try decent decks IMO.

I’m surprised the marvel game is too easy. That’s never a good sign.

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It has ways to make it harder with modular add ins and expert mode. Expert Klaw is hard.

However Rhino is easy, ultron you can tech against and the Goblin has two quests one which is super easy and the other is good. The new wrecking crew is also super easy.

It’s definitely on the easier side. You will beat most villains on your first or second try unless you choose really weak heroes like she hulk

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Well this is fucking terrifying.

Based on the events in China, Italy and elsewhere forecasts by a British Imperial College predicted three scenarios for the USA and UK.

  1. Do nothing. 2.2 million Americans die while the majority of the population gets the virus. Millions more probably from the overwhelmed health system. That is more than any previous war.

  2. Do some social distancing measures. Quarantine infected. 1.1 million Americans die.

  3. Enforced strict quarantining, lockdowns, travel bans which works. Less than 20,000 dead. BUT these measures would have to be put in place until a vaccine is found in at least 18 months. Otherwise the virus comes right back.

Supposedly this is the report that caused the US and UK governments to seemingly do a 180 change in their approach overnight.

What does the world even look like in 18 months with no running economies worldwide?

I probably shouldn’t have read this…

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Screw this. I’m gonna put my TV on Stingray Loud the entire day now, going forward, when I’m not working or playing on my XBox One.

(My knowledge of metal bands has improved tenfold since I have started watching Metal at Midnight. That and Erick Rowan’s shirts.)

New bands or old bands? Cause for the life of me I can barely find any new band that sounds remotely competent, fresh and engaging. No matter what style they play. So I am listening to old stuff 90% of the time.

For me staying at home is PERFECT. I love it. I usually barely go out, so now I have the perfect excuse to just sit and play games when I am finish with my work (blessed to work on a Hidden Objects games and generally can work from home wherever).

Only bad thing is I can’t go out to see some movie or have some drinks/seeing a band live but theaters and clubs are closed too, so… I watch stuff that is standing in the “to watch” corner for some time. Like, I re-watched the first Tim Burton Batman the other week and now I will re-watch Batman Returns. Had some great fun with Guns Akimbo last night, though, if you want to watch something stupid and fun; just to relax.

This is all great … well all except the news articles!
Coming off social media is a must, I rejoined for the British election and have no interest in ever returning they’re all pointless and add nothing to my life.

Me and my mates have set up a fantasy football league to replace some of the excitement of real footy, means we have something to chat about as well.

I’m working from home and cooking the nicest meals I can and trying new recipes.

I have a wedding planned but I’m not cancelling anything as if we all do that we’ll just put companies out of business. I’ve just checked in with them all and asked them to keep me in the loop, we need to care for each other and not be selfish.

Let’s make this forum a more active place. I’m going to try and get the network so I can watch things to be more involved in Review-A-Wai

Stay safe all!!

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It’s funny - having lived with social awkwardness and anxiety for 20 years, I actually feel like I’m pretty well prepared for this. The notion of being holed up for weeks or months doesn’t frighten me. Hell, even death doesn’t scare me.

What scares me is the impact on low-paid workers and the potential breakdown of society.

I would say this - where you can, support your local hospitality (through uber eats if you have to), subscribe to Patreons or streaming services.

I don’t know if I agree with the notion of getting off social media and deleting their apps. For the foreseeable future this is our means to connection. This is how we’re going to mitigate social isolation.

What I would suggest is spending some time re-curating your social media. Get rid of the news and media pages - focus on friends and local community/good karma groups that will show you the good news and show you how to get involved. I know the algorithm makes that difficult, but I think/hope that we’ll see the best of social media in the coming months.

I can’t reiterate enough how important it is to stop consuming news all day. That’s why it’s important to re-curate your twitter/facebook/insta feeds. Turn off the tv. Stream your local indy wrestling, try one of the indy streaming networks who are offering a free trial. Dedicate yourself to that Netflix series that was overwhelming you because it was so damn long and you didn’t think you could commit the time.

And look after your neighbours. Knock on their door and check they’re ok. Cook for them if they need help. Go grocery shopping for them.

Whatever it is, I feel like the most important thing is that we look after each other, that we build rather than diminish our social connections, and that we do what we can to help the workers who live on the bones of their ass from week to week so they don’t end up homeless.


This is a great way to take your mind off of things if you’re a football (soccer) fan.

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