Dear Wai and John...

This is my open letter to Wai and John: Please add your own!

Dear John and Wai,

I will keep this short.

The Podcast is a Sadcast these days.

I cringe as I watch many of the WWE’s present efforts. I feel sorry for you both as you try to review the product. WWE seem to be intent on repeating WCW’s stupid path of self-destruction.

Wai, thank you for trying to scratch and claw some positive out of every show, and every scene. John, thank you for putting in those terribly late nights and providing your wit and intelligent summations whilst being a new dad! If you both took a week off I feel like I could survive if it gave you the chance to be more optimistic about any story-line.

I need you to be my wwe pod of choice. I wish you both godspeed and good health. Keep up the good work.



I’m kinda unsure if this was meant to be criticism or sympathy, but in response:

Thanks for the sentiment but I don’t share your dread at all. Even if a show is terrible, I enjoy the process of vocalizing why I think it is. I don’t need a show to be good or bad, I only care about making sure that I do a good job with my critique. That’s where I get my fulfillment from.

It’s also never my agenda to “scratch and claw” positive or negative out of any show. You might really hate something, but it doesn’t mean another viewer won’t find merit in it. My only aim is to be fair, or at least, honest in sharing my own perception.


Furthermore, not every show is going to be 100% bad or 100% great. When you have a product that’s been on TV for over 20 years, you’re bound to have some ups and downs along the way.

There are some things I hate and some things I still love. I don’t think you can completely be negative. It’s a mixed bag.

Not every show is going to be all bad or all good, they are episode of raw and smackdown that I’ve loved and that others including John and wai hated. Same with certain segment.

I’ve take the Elias segment from backlash for example. A lot fans blasted that segment for being to hokey and didn’t like the segment, I actually loved to segment. The WWE product is there to please everybody not just a certain section of fans and what some fans would find crappy other fans will loved it and vice versa.