Death date

Because of Johns comments on Rewind-a-wai #31 I looked up my death date online and now know in going to pass away on the 22 June 2052 which means I’m dying, just shoot of my 69th birthday…I can see why you don’t wanna know this! I need to start living!!!

Gulp…January 1…2037.

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I can see why John didnt do this!

One of my all time favourite opening five minutes of a podcast ever. Mortality Talk with John and Wai.

22nd of October 2036…wish I hadn’t done this now

7th of March 2019 I’m not very hopeful.


June 7th 2069. I got plenty left in the tank!

Good luck tomorrow. Let us know you’re OK on Friday! I wish I hadn’t started this thread!

Rest in Peace man!

April 24 1935! At least that years wrestlemania might have finished by then or maybe it’s staying awake for 900 hours for the show which does me in?

Are u still alive??

I think so, yes.

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15 December 2024- well, that’s my hard living in my twenties catching up with me…

I’m sure it was worth it!