Declan McMahon provides update on Shane McMahon's recovery, reaction to his father jumping off structures

Originally published at Declan McMahon provides update on Shane McMahon's recovery, reaction to his father jumping off structures

Shane McMahon became the topic of conversation during Declan’s interview. 

This past April on night two of WrestleMania 39, Shane McMahon returned to WWE for an impromptu match against The Miz. Early in the bout, McMahon went down with an injury and it was later confirmed that he tore his quad

An update on Shane was provided by his son, Declan McMahon, during Declan’s chat with Developmentally Speaking. He stated that his father’s rehab is going well and a doctor said Shane is recovering quicker than expected.

His rehab’s going very, very well (Declan said about his father Shane). He’s gotten back to jogging, squatting, he’s starting to work out again. It’s getting kind of difficult for him to (unable to make out word) side to side but his rehab is going really, really well. He’s making phenomenal progress. The doctor said all the time that he’s healing quicker than they thought and you know, when he tore it, he completely tore his quad tendon so, that’s a very long, hard recovery but he’s been crushing rehab, he’s been doing his thing. He’ll hopefully get back soon so… You wanna see your dad be able to do what they love, right? My dad loves wrestling second to none. He truly cares for the business but not only for the business. He truly wants to just put on a show for the fans because the fans show him so much love and it’s so rewarding for a lot of those guys to just give to those fans who came to see them so, hopefully he comes back better than ever and I think his rehab is going great.

The conversation turned over to Shane jumping off structures such as the Hell in a Cell cage. Declan recalled his mother first being concerned when Shane jumped off the titantron at WWE Backlash 2001. Declan then brought up being present for his father’s highlight moment at WrestleMania 32 versus The Undertaker and Hell in a Cell 2017 versus Kevin Owens. 

I remember my mom was telling me at a dinner one time, the first time my mom was very worried (about Shane McMahon jumping off a structure) was when my dad was fighting The Big Show and so a lot of people don’t know, when my dad — he was only gonna stop halfway, and just kind of fall off. But, when he was up there, he was like, he got up there, he looked down, he was like, ‘F*ck it. I’m going all the way up.’ So, climbed all the way up and jumped down obviously and that’s really when my mom was just like, ‘Oh my gosh.’ Just heart was beating, like, ‘Are you okay? Is he okay? Is he okay?’ But you know, when you have been doing it for so long like my dad has, you begin to just trust in the person that’s doing it, right? Because a lot of the wrestling business is about trusting who you’re in the ring with, right? Because safety is the most important thing, and when you’re putting your body at such risk like that, obviously everybody’s holding their breath because at any moment, anything could go wrong. We’ve seen countless injuries in wrestling because, I mean, when guys take these bumps over and over again, things happen. Everybody’s human. It’s not like these guys are some genetic freaks. Everybody suffers injuries, whether they’re big or small, right? But in taking these risks, my mom, us, when we’re watching, it’s that very quick (gasp), just waiting. You’re like, ‘Oh my!’ For Undertaker, we were there, at Hell in a Cell when he jumped off and Sami Zayn pulled (Kevin) Owens out of the way. We’re sitting there, we’re looking up. We’re like, ‘Oh my God. Is he gonna jump?’ And we see him, you know, he does his signature praise to the Lord and then falls down and we’re like, ‘Oh my –’ boom! At that point we’re like, ‘Please be okay, please be okay, please be okay’ and then the referee, everybody, ‘Good.’ I’m like, I don’t know how you can do that stuff. It’s almost superhuman what he can do.

Earlier in the chat, Declan joked that he has told his grandfather Vince McMahon that he’d probably like to do a Hell in a Cell match with his two brothers. 

I think I would probably give wrestling a try. If I can only do one matchup, I’ve told my grandpa, I would wanna do a match against my two brothers, in a Triple Threat match, probably Hell in a Cell. Maybe jump off some cool sh*t. 

Declan was present at WWE’s Fastlane Premium Live Event in Indianapolis, Indiana. Declan was with members of the Indiana Hoosiers football team. He plays running back for the university. 

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