Depressed about the WWE tag division

So I’ve been going back and watching some old (but not that old) matches in my free time and it makes me very depressed about the state of tag wrestling in WWE given what they could have if they cared about the division at all.

If they focused on that they could have
New Day
The Usos
Undisputed Era
Street Prophets
War Raiders
The Good Brothers
Heavy Machinery
Forgotten Sons

Along with teams they could put together from under utilized talent.

It is just depressing how good the division could be if they didn’t get in the way.

But if they focused on the tag division, how can they force two enemies to work together without burying the entire tag team roster???

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Long one of WWE’s issues in general is framing it such that 2 random singles guys always beat established tag teams…the tag division is at this point really just a story device for singles stars.

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On paper lots of good teams. Revival and Usos world class for me but yeah, they are not using them properly.

Primo and Epico are still signed by the way.

You discovered that their tag division is crap just now? It’s been like for years and years with bright blinks here or there for a week or two. They have the teams that can go, but they are not featuring them at all.

No I knew the division was crap. Just watching some of the highlight matches makes me sad for the potential it has. Talent wise it might be the best in the world or at least among them. But as you said it is a tertiary priority at best. In WWE basically every championship beyond the top 3 titles (2 men’s titles and Becky) are huge afterthoughts.