Despe Invitacional Results: El Desperado wrestles twice on self-produced show

Originally published at Despe Invitacional Results: El Desperado wrestles twice on self-produced show

A wide variety of talent appeared at Korakuen Hall on Monday night when NJPW wrestler El Desperado presented the “Despe Invictacional.”

The show, which centered around the masked NJPW star, saw him wrestle twice on a stacked card in front of 1,500 fans.

Desperado first appeared in a tag team match, working alongside veteran wrestler Mima Shimoda against Dragon Gate’s Dragon Kid and Stardom’s Starlight Kid. NJPW described the bout as a “family affair” for Desperado, as he deemed himself a wrestling sibling to the three others involved.

The match lasted 17 minutes, with Dragon Kid and Starlight Kid emerging victorious.

Later in the show, Desperado became a Pheromones member for the night when he teamed alongside DDT’s Danshoku Dieno. The duo ended up losing to Bullet Club’s Dick Togo and Gedo in 18 minutes.

The card also included a Zack Sabre Jr. win over AJPW vet Hikaru Sato, a four-way hardcore match including Chris Brookes, El Phantasmo, MAO, and Masashi Takeda, and a 19-minute tag match that saw Hiromu Takahashi and Jun Kasai team up to beat Minoru Suzuki and Takayuki Ueki.

Here are the results for the unique evening of wrestling from Tokyo:


  1. Hiroshi Tanahashi, Toru Yano & Kyoko Inoue def. DASH Chisako, Isami Kodaka & Yuko Miyamoto

Main Card

  1. Dragon Kid & Starlight Kid def. El Desperado & Mima Shimoda
  2. Daisuke Sasaki, DOUKI & Eita def. Violento Jack (Four-Way, Three wrestlers won by punning Violento Jack at the same time)
  3. Hiromu Takahashi & Jun Kasai def. Minoru Suzuki & Takayuki Ueki
  4. Chris Brookes vs. El Phantasmo vs. MAO vs. Masashi Takeda (Four-Way Hardcore Match) (Time Limit Draw)
  5. Zack Sabre Jr. def. Hikaru Sato
  6. Dick Togo & Gedo def. Danshoku Dino & El Desperado