Details announced for season two of 'Dark Side of the Ring'

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Vice shared more information about season two of ‘Dark Side of the Ring’ through a report by Variety. The show will be back on March 24th at 9 PM EST. The first episode of season two will cover the story of Chris Benoit who took the lives of his wife Nancy and his son Daniel, before tragically taking on his own life. That specific episode contains interviews with David Benoit, Nancy Benoit’s sister Sandra Toffoloni and fellow members of the Benoit family.

Former AEW World Champion Chris Jericho is a part of season two as a narrator. Season two will also include spotlighting features on New Jack, “Brawl For All”, the murder of Dino Bravo, David Schultz’s run-in with a 20/20 reporter, the death of Nancy Argentino, Jimmy Snuka’s girlfirend, The Road Warriors (Animal & Hawk), Herb Abrams’ attempt to build a wrestling empire and Owen Hart’s tragic passing at ‘Over The Edge’ in 1999.

In addition to the special, after each show, a post-show of sorts will air at 11 PM EST, hosted by Chris Gethard. A rotating panel of guests will appear on this program and the panel will include people from the land of entertainment and pro wrestling.

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Some of that sounds cool. Not sure I need another look at Owen after what @johnpollock already did (I hope they at least get him on).

Having Jericho narrate will be a treat

The season premiere on Benoit, according to the Variety story, is two hours. Subsequent episodes will be one hour long and premiere at 10 PM ET.

Is the Variety story not allowed to say John Stossel’s name, or just not remember?

Some of these topics are definitely darker than others. Herb Abrams, Brawl For All, and David Schultz are a lot less heavy than some of the other topics on murder and death. I hope they don’t get too graphic with the Benoit murders. I may skip those 2 episodes, as I may not have it in me to relive it again after the dark cloud that tragedy cast over wrestling for years.

Me too

I can’t watch any Owen or Benoit stuff these days .

The New Jack 1 should be quite interesting.

Would love to see something on Nick Gage, I think that would count for this show (Or maybe more suited for The Wrestlers)

I would love to see Mass Transits dad or Terri Runnels or Vic Grimes or Gypsy Joe to really make it authentic

They should do the whole Messiah incident from XPW

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Yep. I mean they have to touch on mass transit and I can’t see how you ignore him trying to kill Gypsy Joe or Vic Grimes either. So much stuff

The producers shared a shot of a Mass Transit stand-in months ago on Twitter, so yes, that will be covered.


Benoit killing Nancy and his son was pretty tragic in its own right.

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I wonder if they will touch on how he was not let into one hall of fame and not removed from another. For all the crap we give WWE For selling out all the time they did the right thing here where others did not