Details on the revival of Georgia Championship Wrestling, executive and promoting roles, broadcast ideas

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Georgia Championship Wrestling is returning on October 3rd with a show in Eatonton, Georgia at the Elks Lodge. The promotion owner of 36 years, Grady Odum continued running Georgia Championship Wrestling events from 1990 until the mid-90s following its hiatus in the mid-80s. He also held reunion events from 2011 to 2012. In the Summer of 2018, there was a memorial show held in memory of Big Bill Dromo. Georgia Championship Wrestling is mostly remembered for its glory days from the 70s through the mid-80s as the likes of Jake Roberts, Ted DiBiase, The Hollywood Blonds (Rip Rogers & Ted Oates), Randy Savage, Dusty Rhodes and Harley Race were regularly featured in the promotion on WTBS in Atlanta.

The upcoming event on October 3rd will not have a long gap between it and the next event as Georgia Championship Wrestling is planning to make a full revival. Chris Nelms, who’s a promoter and wrestler will be in action on the October 3rd card and is spearheading the revival along with Grady Odum and Tim Rice. I was able to speak with Chris about the plans for Georgia Championship Wrestling and he reiterated that the goal is for a full revival and eventually, a territory-style group which will see GCW work with four-to-five different promotions in Georgia under the Georgia Championship Wrestling banner.

Nelms added that a “Georgia Championship” would be recognized as the main title that all under the banner would be able to challenge for. Past the October 3rd show, they are currently working on securing more dates in other towns in the state.

As far as broadcasting shows to the masses, they are looking into possibly doing an internet-based show or possibly presenting the program on local television. At the October 3rd show, interviews will be conducted via Facebook and they’re planning to upload footage from Saturday’s show to their YouTube channel in the following weeks as that gets set up.

Chris Nelms confirmed that they will be bringing in legends from Georgia Championship Wrestling’s past for appearances as things progress. As it stands, Grady Odum is the owner of GCW while Chris Nelms and Tim Rice will serve executive roles as well as promoting and booking.

More information concerning the forthcoming show can be found on their official Facebook page and The Union-Recorder has a story up about Saturday’s show as well.