Dezmond Xavier, Zachary Wentz, Alex Zayne headline new WWE PC class

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WWE announced the newest additions to the WWE Performance Center and headlining the class are former IMPACT Wrestling talents The Rascalz (Dezmond Xavier & Zachary Wentz) along with Alex Zayne. Russ Taylor, Sojiru “Ikemen” Higuchi and former WNBA player Anriel Howard round out the class and below are the bios on each individual from

Deveon Everheart Aiken, better known to fans as Dezmond Xavier, brings a dazzling array of aerial offense to the PC. Aiken, a nine-year-veteran of the squared circle, has competed for promotions including Combat Zone Wrestling, Pro Wrestling Guerrilla and Impact Wrestling.

Zachary Green, aka Zachary Wentz, is a frequent tag team partner of Aiken’s. The 26-year-old Ohio native is also a former MMA fighter.

Alex Brandenburg competed under the name Alex Zayne on the independent scene. The Kentucky native has made a name for himself in promotions like Game Changer Wrestling, Black Label Pro and Ring of Honor during his 15-year career.

Sojiru “Ikemen” Higuchi is a 26-year-old wrestler from Japan who was trained by former United States and WWE Tag Team Champion Tajiri, and he has competed for Wrestle-1 and All-Japan Pro Wrestling.

Twenty-three-year-old Georgia native Anriel Howard played college basketball at Mississippi State and Texas A&M. She was selected in the 2019 WNBA Draft, and played professionally for the Seattle Storm.

Russ Taylor of Phelan, Calif. brings plenty of global experience to the WWE PC. Taylor has competed for wXw in Germany, as well as in Japan and across the United States.

Anriel Howard was drafted by the Seattle Storm but was waived by the team in the Summer of 2019. Alex Zayne received a farewell from the independent scene by way of Game Changer Wrestling in November. Zachary Wentz, Dezmond Xavier and Trey Miguel of The Rascalz received a farewell from IMPACT Wrestling. Trey is not a part of the Performance Center class.

Zayne has size on his side - to go along with his ability. He’s one of the taller flyers I’ve encountered, and I could see him going far.

Always been a big fan of Xavier, hope he does well.

Wentz has zero chance of becoming a star. Not big enough, not a great build and not a good talker.

Had no idea they were going after Jiro! Man I’m excited for that.

Some good experienced wrestlers here (Russ Taylor caught me by surprise, as he’s been around for a long time, recently appearing in the ROH Pure Title Tournament and New Japan Strong), but I agree with what Andrew said of Anriel Howard having star potential. Just from seeing these photos and reading this, she’s someone young, pretty, and athletic that could follow in the footsteps of Charlotte Flair and Rhea Ripley.

Happy to see Taylor used as quickly as NXT last night, and Xavier, Wentz, and Zayne should provide some good stuff within NXT before being relegated to 205 Live.