Did Rusev quit?

Reading some things online that Rusev pissed some people off about the undertaker match and either quit or asked for his release?

Dave Meltzer said no… I think it’s likely an angle. I would bet they switched from Rusev to Jericho because a loss wouldn’t bury Jericho and Jericho could also carry the Undertaker better than Rusev could. The whole Rusev removing WWE from his twitter is likely just trying to get the smarks all riled us.

So kind of what like Owens did to his Twitter

Steen and Generico have been loaned to PWG for the final Reseda shows

I haven’t heard that Steen & Zayn are doing the final Reseda shows but that would be amazing if they are. It is kind of there place and many of the best moments involved them so they should be there and I imagine they requested it.

This is how you do a work in my opinion. The Prowrestlingtees and what not all coming about and now them doing a PWG show.

Bravo to both men and those in WWE who are backing it.


I don’t know how to say this.

I made that up :joy:

But they SHOULD do those shows!

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Sorrrry I figured that’d be assumed. :ok_man:

I think, give how WWE lets the UK talent do their own thing and how Jericho and Mysterio seem to be flitting in and out of the company for one-off bookings amongst other big shows for New Japan and the like, you managed to hit something that seemed entirely likely to us all.

PWG will never be competition to WWE and is a breeding ground for a ton of talent that WWE likes to keep their eye on. For years now Regal has been attending shows there to scout talent, PWG is kind of an unofficial WWE feeder system at this point. The idea that Hunter would okay Owens and Zayn heading back for one or two shows - just to sell this angle - is so plausible right now.

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After I initially wrote it and saw the response I realized the same thing - it’s what they shoulda done with Punk years ago and it would pay off and otherwise played out storytelling device in wrestling - the loser leaves town match.

Who knows maybe it wasn’t so off base. And if not TNA is hiring

Still don’t think I could bring myself to watch Impact, even with Owens and Zayn on it.

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According to Rusev’s twitter, he’s now facing Sponge Bob (holly) in that casket match …

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