Discord for Post wrestling?

Hey guys,
Sorry if this has been suggested before but I don’t see it anywhere.
Just wondering have you guys thought about setting up a discord group/server?
I’m new to it but a couple of other podcasts I listen to have it and I think it’d be great to have a post wrestling chat community?
Just a thought! Thanks guys!

It was considered when we began as it integrates well with Patreon. Ultimately I chose to go with a message board as it was a medium that our community was already familiar with. At the risk of diverting our audience to too many areas, it’s not something I would add at this time.

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Ah yea ok I get ya.

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I understand the concern about splintering the audience but I think it just gives users more opportunity to interact, it’s not an either or scenario. It’s particularly useful for engagement during live events.

Yea this was my main reason really, the forum is great for general thoughts or opinions but it’s not ideal for a live thread I don’t think.

Haven’t you heard having multiple channels to send your audience to is all the latest rage in wrestling content these days?!

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A discord for some live reaction chat could be a fun idea while we watch wrestling on tv and live events. Could also be used to take calls quite easily too.

I just recently got Discord and I think it would be a cool feature.