This is a topic that has been on my mind for a while. How important is the role of the ROAD AGENT in the setting up of a match or storyline? Are agents/producers in wrestling events still necessary in this day and age?

I would imagine yes. If we are talking WWE, the role of the road agent is to take what Vince/writers want, and communicate that with the wrestlers and work with them on how to execute. If you didnt have road agents, Vince would have to go over every match with everyone.

The other issue is if you didnt have road agents and the two wrestlers were not on the same page, it could end up being a shit show. The agent is the one who would decide what is ok, what is not ok. It would be like WCW all over again.

Theoretically, if all the promoter wanted was a good match and you had two high end guys that got along and were on the same page, then I’m sure it would be fine.