DISCUSSION: Should the referee count to three regardless if the one taking the pin didn't kick out?

This 100% depends on the match. If it is Bronson Reed vs Sheamus for example. Yeah it’s important that we stick to the storyline. But is it the end of the world if the wrong person wins? No. So you count to 3.

If it was as it was on Saturday, then you have to improvise. It’s on the performer to make sure the ref isn’t in that position. Imagine Seth wins on Saturday. It messes up their next whole year of storytelling plans. Just the immediate effect of Gunther vs Seth at SS, Drew still has the briefcase and no Punk on the show. All their plans go to dust.

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I remember Roman staying down for 20 seconds in a last man standing match. They should have given the win to Owens back then and the ref should have counted to three here. We all know Wrestling is fake, but if you take that little rest amount of authenticity away all that is left is a clown show and an insult to my intelligence.

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I understand what you’re saying about “authenticity”, but at the end of the day you have to be able to suspend your belief and throw some logic out the window when watching wrestling. There is a reason why 99% of wrestling moves would never be used in a UFC fight. Can you imagine someone going for a Spanish fly for example lol.

There was clearly a mistake in that Owens/Roman match as I know exactly what sequence you’re referring to. To end Roman’s title run, flip it to Owens, only to flip it back to Roman would have been an bad idea and very much had a negative consequence. Not stopping the match had pretty much zero consequences outside of maybe a handful of fans who noticed the referee playing dumb.

Half of Saturday’s show featured world-class athletes climbing a ladder slower than my grandmother. But that one spot completely blew the authenticity?


There was one spot, I cant remember who…either they got up there too fast, or the other person was too slow, but they stood up there for like 10 seconds “fatigued” waiting for the person to knock them off. I think it was Chelsea Green.