D'Lo Brown looks back on his time with IMPACT Wrestling, enjoyed his Talent Relations & commentary roles

Originally published at D'Lo Brown looks back on his time with IMPACT Wrestling, enjoyed his Talent Relations & commentary roles

Fond memories come to mind when D’Lo thinks about his time in IMPACT. 

Three years ago, D’Lo Brown returned to IMPACT Wrestling as a producer. In the coming years, he would assume the role as co-Head of Talent Relations alongside Gail Kim and joined the commentary team. 

This past September, it was confirmed by Scott D’Amore that D’Lo was no longer with the company. As D’Lo was doing a virtual signing for Captain’s Corner, he commented on his most recent run with the company and how much he enjoyed all aspects of the roles he took on in addition to the talent he got to work with. 

I just recently left there [IMPACT Wrestling]. I was Head of Talent Relations and I got to be part of signing some really good guys and girls at IMPACT Wrestling and I got to work with some really good people. I got to work with, you know, people like Tessa Blanchard or Eric Young or Chris Bey, Josh Alexander. I got to be next to Josh Matthews calling play-by-play and color commentary. It was very cool being in that role because it was mentor/advisor/helper and you get to give back to the next generation of talent which is what you really wanna do in this business is give the knowledge you’ve been given and pass it forward so the business stays strong so, I was very happy with my time in IMPACT Wrestling. I love the people I worked with, I love the office there. It’s nice to work with young, up and coming talent. I got to work with a young A.J. Styles before he was A.J. Styles you know of today, which was kind of cool, to watch him grow.

During Brown’s second run with TNA/IMPACT, he became the ‘Vice President’ of the Aces and Eights faction. D’Lo revealed that originally, he was not supposed to be part of the group. 

It was Eric Bischoff who asked him to join to assist the younger talents. Brown came out with the rest of the members in a mask but eventually revealed his identity. He said it was done so the group would not lose credibility. 

So, it’s weird. I was not supposed to be a member of Aces and Eights as it started out. If you remember back when Aces and Eights started, everybody was wearing masks and they were just doing run-ins and beat people up. So, it was a bunch of younger guys and Eric Bischoff said, ‘Hey D’Lo, would you mind putting a mask on? Because I know you’ll make it look tight out there in the beat down because it can look a little clustery if not done right and you can help the young kids kind of see how it’s done.’ So I was like, ‘Cool. Yeah, no problem’ and the more times I went out there, look, I’ve got a familiar head. You can’t hide this head. So after a while, people realized it was me under the one hood and so it evolved to where I had to be unmasked as a member. If not, we would have lost credibility. So I got in Aces and Eights out of happenstance. I was not supposed to be part of it but it worked out that through the wrestling Gods, I became the Vice President. I went from not being in it to the Vice President overnight. Think about that.

IMPACT Wrestling is gearing up for their Hard To Kill pay-per-view on January 13th. As of this writing, here’s the match card for the event: 

  • IMPACT World Championship: Josh Alexander (c) vs. Bully Ray
  • IMPACT Knockouts World Championship (Title vs. Career): Jordynne Grace (c) vs. Mickie James

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