Do people want to see Paige's movie?

I haven’t heard any feed back here about Paige’s movie. Personally I have no interest in seeing it. I don’t like movies or tv shows about wrestling. This looks like a well made movie but it just looks very generic and like something from 15-20 years ago. I really don’t know why this was even made and I can’t see this appealing to anyone who isn’t into wrestling.

Definitely on Netflix for me. Unless everyone says it’s really bad.

Zero interest, looks terrible.

No, it looks awful.

It looks awful in general, but it looks mind numbingly bad if you’ve seen the actual legitimate documentary about the Knight family which aired here in the UK before Paige was Paige in 2012:

If you’re interested in learning about Paige and her family without an over-produced Americanised comedy drama backdrop then just watch that instead. Also, you know…it actually features them rather than actors.

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I’m not interested in the Rock putting himself over huge for 2 hours. He seems like the perfect sage/friend who is perfectly funny and we are all supposed to just be in awe of him in this movie. But he’s producing, so I guess that’s what we’re getting.

Hell Yeah, This look like such a funny and heartwarming comedy and i would go see it in theater or buy it on VOD or DVD when it’s get release.

Rather watch The Marine 37614273 than this.

Hell her porn vids look funnier than this movie does.

It was a weird choice to make in my opinion. I wasn’t really interested when it was announced to be honest.

Looks like an awful movie. I’ll wait to hear the reviews.

Worryingly, for this movie, I’m a huge fan of wrestling, Stephen merchant, the rock, Lena headey and nick frost, but I think the movie looks terrible. I have no idea who it’s meant to appeal to. The fact that the release has been delayed so much is not a good sign.

It looks embarrassingly bad.

I cant take Paige seriously after seeing what happened to her NXT title. I cant help but think about it when she appears on TV.

It never comes to my mind when i see or think of her (or Xavier Woods for that matter) until people make a point of bringing it up and i’d wager that’s the case for the majority of people who know about it.

Maybe you should try a bit harder to take her seriously. Not talking about it when there’s little to no reason to will literally help.

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Its not that i want to think about her past, but it just pops into my mind.

I know that she has gone through depression so i am happy that she is on tv and making a living in the wrestling business.

It has to do with me only watching network shows / PPVs. I dont see her every week on SmackDown.

So people actively admitting they watched something that was a violation of someone’s privacy.