Do wrestlers get replica copy’s of championships they win?

I’ve been wondering about this question for years.

When a wrestler (especially in WWE) wins a championship belt, do they get a replica to keep at home?

I feel like I have seen lots of videos of wrestlers in their homes with championship display cases. Here’s an example picture of The Rock and a display case.


Did The Rock have to go out and buy those replicas on WWEShop? Or was he given a replica after winning the championship that he’s kept?

I’m not sure which is funnier. The Rock ordering replicas of the titles. Or guys like Kevin Owens or Randy Orton having boxes of replica titles they’ve won.


My impression is that they are given replicas of the titles but I cannot say for sure.

That version of the IC Title is extremely underrated in my opinion. Always was a fan of that one.

I think they get a replica the first time they win it

They have to go to Walmart and buy the retail version or they could get in online at Walmart’s website for their convenience