Do you do volunteer work?

Me again.

Do you do volunteer work, or have done it in the past?

I’m grasping for ideas on where to look after the pandemic.

I’ve had quite a few, but there was one that I constantly go to and that’s Canadian Food for Children warehouse that was founded in 1986 by a certain Dr. Simone. He had a lot of backing when the place was first opened, but that backing was met with one condition: no profits and no one gets paid. It’s a 100% all volunteer atmosphere.

I’ve met the man but he doesn’t stay in the warehouse constantly. Before the pandemic, he goes to impoverished countries, countries with names that most people cannot even pronounced. We fill trucks with food, oil, toys, and whatever goods we can jam into the thing! I’ve yet to learn how to seal the container after it’s full, but when I go there again, I will learn.

It’s quite a fun atmosphere, and high school students are sent to that place to work off their mandatory community hours to graduate, but don’t horseplay. Reason: forklifts. Mostly forklift drivers can’t what’s in front of them and the don’t mind who’s going to get run over.

Well, postal forklift drivers aside, working there makes me so happy I don’t give a fuck if I’m getting a good word. The experience alone is a gift that keeps on giving.

if you live in Mississauga, you should go to Lakeshore Rd, eastwards. Don’t worry about them closing down, but you should wait until this pandemic dies down. However, if you’re like me, and is bored as fuck, they open Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays from 7AM-12PM.

Well, those are my (best!) volunteering experiences. If you have a tale or advice about volunteering, feel free to share them (isn’t that what the thread is about?)

Just putting it out there but hospitals are starting to get overwhelmed and could always use some volunteers to help :slight_smile:


Any idea on how to start?