Do you want to see Daniel Bryan wrestle in WWE?

Personally I’m in two minds. I’d love to see him wrestle again, but would be gutted if he got seriously hurt due to the medical issues. But if he is determined to wrestle again, wouldn’t the wwe be the safest place for him to do it due to the on-site medical team which wouldn’t be guaranteed at other shows?

It would be great to see Bryan wrestle again, and would prefer it to be WWE as they have the support system to help in case of another injury as opposed to an outside company.

I still believe the storyline between Bryan and Shane McMahon on SD will ultimately lead to a match between the two at WrestleMania.

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i’m with you guys on this, i would love to see him wrestled again but not at the expense of his health so i feel like if he want to wrestled again the best place would be in WWE because of the way the company is structure if he gets seriously injured again.

What i would loved to see, is if they could do like they did with Angle and put him in tag matches maybe the whole storyline they have going with him and shane will end up being a set up for a tag match at mania, Shane and Bryan vs Owens and Zayn, losers leave WWE.

I do believe him when he talked about his health on the Edge and Christian podcast. (If you missed it, he essentially said he’s fine, there was some weirdness that the doctors flagged that stopped him from wrestling but that weirdness was a lot of nothing). He may have downplayed it a bit, but I believe that if he was actually in the ring, he would be there based on well informed decisions. So like absolutely yes I’m so ready to see him again I will need a READY change of pants whenever he gets booked like

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I would as long as it was in WWE (for the health reasons) and he wrestled a safer style. Last time he came back from injury he was very reckless (for himself, not unsafe for others) with his move set and doing ladder matches.

If he’d be ok wrestling a match then I don’t mind seeing him have another match in WWE. Think they would keep a closer eye on what he’ll do in the ring so he’ll likely be safer. I feel he’d go to far if he was to have match outside WWE.

If he’s ever going to wrestle again, WWE is the only place I’d want to see it. Theres numerous reasons but mostly being it’s the biggest stage for him AND they’re more capable of helping in terms of his health (if that’s a huge factor). The way he’s been speaking makes me believe that he’s totally fine, but at least WWE would be there to police him from working a full schedule, doing ridiculous spots, and helping if an injury does take place.

I don’t, Bret Hart took a bump from a bike, had a stroke and ended up in a wheelchair. I wouldn’t trust Daniel Bryan from curbing his style and eliminating the risks he takes nor would I take him at face value over his own health condition.

Fact is, he lied to them about his injuries more than a few times and I fully understand why a highly regarded doctor wouldn’t clear him…no matter what other doctors note Bryan can give him.

Yeh, despite everything I said I would jump out my seat if it happens. Really hope it’s not a shane match though, it’s a waste, and I’d rather Bryan be in the ring with a trained wrestler who can protect him to a degree.

Difficult to say, I’m 50/50 on it. I’d like to think that if he came back he’d knock some of the riskier stuff on the head (pun intended, for once) and certainly not dick around with headbutt battles again.

The problem is that he is so good and would have some really exciting programs so I do want to see him again, just you know not coming back and ending up having a stroke or something.

Yes since there’s a ton of dream matches for him. I would like to see Daniel Bryan vs. Nakamura, Kevin Owens and/or Sami Zayn. If he doesn’t wrestle for WWE again hopfully he goes to New Japan since there’s a ton of possible great match ups there.

Instead of D-Bry making a comeback, why don’t y’all explore the many Daniel Bryan/Bryan Danielson ‘Best Of…’ compilation sets that chronicle his outstanding work in ROH? That way you get to experience a meaner, more aggressive Daniel whilst keeping the man himself healthy and without further injury?

So now that this has actually happened I’m wondering how everyone feels about seeing Danielson back in the ring? Glad he’s back? Still scared for him? For me it’s the former.

This is what Bryan has always wanted to do, and I think it’s funny how some fans are still scared of the unknown for him. The Helluva Kick to Bryan’s head on his first night back seemed to freak a lot of people out, but I’m telling you he’s 100% fine.

Of course, any wrestler who is 100% fine can still get paralysed in the ring or receive a concussion or any other injury, but that’s just the inherent risks of the wrestling business. I wouldn’t want to see Bryan (or any wrestler) get seriously hurt, but there’s always that possibility.

But in terms of his concussion from over two years ago, that’s no longer a thing. Like I say, I’m glad he’s back doing what he loves. :slight_smile:

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Can i say no I dont want to see D-Bry in a WWE ring(with big Cass)

If he continue to wrestle safely like he doing right now then I’m o.k with it. Still, he doesn’t feel as special as he did before his retirement. The fact that he’s wrestling every week on tv made him look like just about every wrestlers on the roster.

I wouldn’t be surprise if the yes movement dies down after a while because of him being on tv every week.

He’s cleared…I didn’t particularly care if he welted or not before the injury.

I hate it. He hasn’t changed his style at all. There’s so many guys out there now that wrestle a safer style, case in point is Zack sabre JR. how is it Bryan wouldn’t pick up the current trends.