Does AEW finally seem hotter than WWE?

WWE is never going to give you the quality that AEW gave last night. They would never EVER have a match as violent as Swerve vs Hangman. They’ve got two “war games” matches coming up and neither will likely have any blood.

I think WWE has become a lot more watchable but their show pacing and crappy promos turn me off.


There’s numbers for stuff like this, and they currently don’t support this.

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If he articulated it the way you did, my reaction would be different.

I will say this, I think there is misconception out there usually in tribal talking points that WWE fans dont care about in-ring and only care about storyline, and that AEW fans just care about in ring, and don’t care about storyline. I think both are BS. Yes AEW fans seem to care a bit more then WWE about in-ring, and yes WWE fans seems to be more forgiving to poor in-ring if the story/character work is there, but both care about both.

The reaction of WWE fans to WWE matches is a result of WWE booking/overexposure. When WWE makes something feel important, the fans react. Are When WWE doesnt make something feel important, they sit on there hands. Now I’m sure there are exception both ways, but for the most part that is the reason why some WWE matches are quiet.

Take the Saudi PLE, fans didnt care about the Iyo vs Bianca match…why? The build was bad. LA Knight vs Roman where the build was good…fans were super into it and that was no in-ring clinic.

That is why I disagree with that writer.

I think AEW is hotter as a product (I would) but it isn’t to the masses.

I struggle with this board at times as I’ve been here since day one when we all moaned at how poor WWE was and what we wanted it to be.

We now have that, and loads of posters just say that the ratings are bad, TKs and arse and the bucks just flip and whatever you wanna throw at it. The product is always good. It’s sometimes great and it’s occasionally amazing.

I had so little interest in Full Gear coz I’ve just watched enough wrestling recently. I may cut back on the weekly TV but I also wanna support it so John and Wai can report that one extra 40 year old man bothered to tune in.

I think Alex is right it, is hotter. There was a time when ECW was hotter than WWF but it wasn’t to the masses and that’s how AEW is right now. Hopefully it’ll continue to grow and be a real challenger in years to come.

No one needs to win this war for us fans. I’d love 2 strong companies with 2 strong rosters pumping out awesome must watch PPVs each month.


Tbf, although I still keep up with WWE, I pretty much just watch AEW now. I think Miz vs Gunther is a great idea. Miz is the perfect candidate to push Gunther on the mic and make him look dominant in the ring.

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And one week after AEW kind of signs Osprey up to do matches in AEW in 2024 after his NJPW deal is up… CM Punk returns to WWE.

Crazy how quickly momentum shifts.

I still feel like momentum is with AEW. They have Wembley coming again, Stings retirement and good PPV buys etc.


I was really looking forward to Stings retirement tour. AEW have used Sting perfectly over the last 3 years.

But seeing that Darby is expected to be gone for the rest of it is a real downer considering they have been partners in AEW for years.

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Hotter as in personally or the general feel?

Because generally aew feels it’s orbiting a supernova of wwe popularity. Personally, I prefer aew, but even I feel like it’s on a slow upswing from a very low ebb.

A killer storyline would do the trick, but I just hope Tony doesn’t burn through his talent hoping to land it…

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The thing is, ECW was never hotter then WWF, it was just more popular to a very small select fan base who were VERY vocal online. Sometimes people mistaken something as hot, because they like it, or the people they interact with like it. If ECW was actually hotter then WWE, it isnt getting cancelled from TNN and pulling it like 10% of the fanbase.

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I just don’t think that is momentum in the here and now. AEW is a great product for the most part, but a guy signing who just had a match a couple months and isn’t starting for months, and a big show coming in 9 months from now doesn’t give them any momentum today. Now, August 25th 2024 if Ospreay is main eventing All In and going for the title, different story.