Does Brock cash in at Saudi Show?

I didnt watch MITB (was at the Raptors game :slight_smile: but caught it today and was stunned to see Brock Lesnar win.

I assume this means Brock cashes in today for the Saudi show? So Rollins vs Brock in Saudi on top of the already stacked card.

Kind of sucks that both MITB are going t used up within a day of the PPV but excited for Saudi!

yeah, i could see that turning into some sort of storyline reason tonight, like He wanted to have is rematch against Seth rollins at super showdown but with to no automatic rematch stipulation in effect, HHH said i wouldn’t get his rematch so Brock beat up Sami and took his place in the MITB match and now he’s going to get what he wants and that’s a rematch against Seth at super showdown.

It’s dumb to use to do quick cash in with both briefcase since they pretty much did the same thing last year with Alexa cashing in the night off the show ans Strowman cashing in a few months after the show but that’s kinda what the MAtch is now. A prop to advance storylines.