Does Dean Ambrose need...

…to dress like Raven/The Flock circa Bash at the Beach 98?

Does he need to wear long cut off jean shorts and more flannels?

Maybe an eyepatch like Scotty “Sick Boy” Riggs?

Wouldn’t that make him about 100% more dangerous and unhinged and lunatic fringy than he is right now?

I say yes, and I also say Mike Kanellis should be his Lodi/Sign Guy.

You guys, this is what happens when you see back to back Flock matches.

Not sure how cosplaying a look that was popular in 94 is going to help him out.

I was thinking more along the lines of evil Doink.

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Lunatic Fringe doesn’t work because he doesn’t come off as crazy. …he comes off as having a conniption fit.

this is crazy

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He’s just come back, we have to see how they handle him in the upcoming weeks. They may move away from the “lunatic fringe” idea, it could help with the new look as well.

I though the phrase ‘lunatic fringy’ would have sold more of the absurdity of this post, you know, past its absurd core premise and commentary about the conversation around Ambrose in general.

Nobody understand jokes around here…they label it “trolling” or legit statement of fact.

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This just screams heel turn, let him be a crazy ass

Screams Triple H needs to explain where he was at 17 years old.


Or it just goes to show how few people watch the throwback review shows!

Being a young, wealthy blue blood?
Banging hot math tutors left and right?
Living the good life?

Living the good life!


I guarantee once he turns heel people will say… wait for it … wait for it…


It’s just a hunch but given every time someone has ever turned heel almost everyone raves how much better they are as a heel. I feel it goes without saying at this point that virtually every wrestler ever is better as a heel but for some reason almost everybody is shocked how much better a wrestler is as a heel. We should be at the point where it is just known that everyone is better as a heel and its an unspoken thing at this point.

Not 100% true, AJ was a trash heel, so was Goldberg, RVD, I don’t think Jeff Hardy was ever a heel but I cannot image him a better heel than babyface.

It’s easier to be heel, really hard to be an over baby face.

(Being a good heel can make you a over baby face see Austin, Rock, Cena)

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You’re wrong about Jeff Hardy, he was a heel in TNA. Not just any heel though, he was the Anti-Christ of Professional Wrestling.

Yeah not totally aware of Jeff’s run TNA. Again I cannot imagine he was a better heel than his runs as a babyface.

This is just one of the failed moments from his heel run…


Not everyone is a good heel. Apart from AJ or Goldberg, people that are better babyfaces :

Becky Lynch, Mickie James, Rey Mysterio, Daniel Bryan, Johnny Gargano, Seth Rollins, Lana & Rusev. I’m sure there are others.

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I hate that belt, it’s so ugly. Jeff wasn’t a good heel in TNA but that whole Immortal thing was pretty garbage.

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Rey Mysterio turning heel :joy::joy::joy::joy:

What a disaster that’d be.

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Championship Belt designs are also not ready for Asuka