Does Ronda Rousey not feel special anymore?

I hate to say it but to me, Ronda Rousey has just become another person on the WWE roster and doesn’t feel special anymore. Following her since the UFC days, I have seen her have less of an aura about her. Her stock has fallen so much this past year. Ronda Rousey shouldn’t be wrestling every and should not feel like just another person in the roster. This year has not been any step forward for Ronda whatsoever.

Does anyone feel the same?

Absolutely. The entire return has been a flop. The booking has been bad but she also has somehow got worse on the mic. She needs to go away for a while - I don’t really even see a logical match for mania with her at this point.

There is definitely a lot of hyperbole out there in regards to Ronda as she has had some good matches this run (the Rachelle match in Dec was great) and some of the promo stuff has been good. But, even with that said, no she doesn’t feel special anymore.

She’s a green performer who initially got away with the shock factor of being seen in a WWE ring as well as having a handful of explosive moves (think the Ronda/Angle vs Hunter/Steph match). It’s the law of diminishing returns, when we’ve seen it 50 times, time 51 isn’t going to matter as much. Add in some botches, some bad booking, and even worse acting and it is what it is.

I always felt they should have made her head of an MMA stable with Shayna and I’m sure there was someone else as well in the WWE ranks.

I always thought WWE needed more stables. It’s never made sense to me that everyone meant to hate everyone else. Stables make sense, everyone has a group of friends at work who stick together.

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100% agree. Esepcially since they already had Shayna Bazler, Marina Shafir and Jessamyn Duke all under contract. A feud between those four and the other four horseman could have been great. Im guessing the fear was that marina shafir and jessamyn duke were too green, but in a four person stable you can easily hide a green performer.

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Somewhere along the line, they forgot that Ronda can’t act and is a relatively green wrestler. Her 2018-19 character worked because she was being herself, being protected and there was genuine curiosity. When you make her a weekly character, not only does it expose her flaws, but people also stop grading her on a curve. That makes the fall twice as fast as the climb. Plus, when you hot shot somebody, people start to resent them.

So basically, they took somebody who is inexperienced (even though she’s pretty good for someone with her experience level) and took just about every wrong turn possible in her booking and presentation. Classic mixup.

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Agreed. For comparisons sake, look at Logan Paul, two matches a year and he’s doing quite well. Now if you made him a weekly character, I guarantee his act would get stale very fast and his flaws would be exposed. Ronda would do much better as “an attraction” opposed to a weekly performer. They tried to make her the female Brock, except Brock wasnt an MMA guy who just jumped to wrestling, he had all those years of training in OVW and WWE pre UFC.

I mean if she wants to appear frequently on tv that’s bound to happen.

Your right, but the wildest thing about Ronda during her first run was that she was a weekly character, but she was still over until Becky Lynch caught fire (and Nia Jax’s fist).