Dolph Ziggler: If I had my way, I would've had Alberto El Patron kick out of that Zig Zag during MITB cash-in

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Ziggler revisits his 2013 cash-in. 

Come July 1st, WWE is going to be presenting their Money in the Bank Premium Live Event from The O2 Arena in London, England. 

The list of Money in the Bank match winners includes Liv Morgan, Big E, Brock Lesnar and Jon Moxley among others. Outside of winning his own Money in the Bank match and cashing in, Big E was ringside for Dolph Ziggler’s cash-in in April of 2013. 

Ziggler was interviewed by Chris Van Vliet and dove into why he feels his cash-in is different from others. For Ziggler, it came down to him losing a lot of matches going into that and then his momentum shifting once he got the moment. It was explained to him by Vince McMahon that the losses he took leading up to the cash-in would be erased.

A bunch of people make other arguments, but here’s why mine’s (MITB cash-in) different than if you want to say, Seth’s at WrestleMania, or like the first-ever one or whatever. I mean, the first one was pretty cool. I didn’t understand the idea, it was Edge, right? And Vince (McMahon) is there and like, whoa, you know? But here’s why mine is better, because of what I just said. I lost every single match. Vickie (Guerrero) talked for me, I got Vickie, and then we go on to A.J. (Lee) and Big E. So I now have a group of three. And I’m losing every single match, except for the ladder match, which was so fun. There’s a great GIF of (Lord) Tensai throwing me into the chairs and I fly around on my head. I win, and I win that and I go, how are we going to build on this? Because I can’t just lose 900 matches in a row, win this one and then lose 900 in a row again, and the boss goes, ‘Now you’re gonna lose even more,’ and not in a devious way. He goes, ‘Because you have this briefcase, and when that contract gets cashed in, everything is erased.’ And I go, ‘Okay, that’s a fair point.’

As he was talking about the ins and outs of the cash-in, he mentioned that if he had it his way, Alberto El Patron would have kicked out of the ‘Zig Zag’ finisher. He felt the crowd was anticipating that he might get the short end of the stick in that opportunity and wanted to hold onto that more. 

Ziggler added that he was the right person at the right time and fans wanted him even if the office did not. 

I have never witnessed even watching Attitude Era Stone Cold come out on TV, I’m sure it was louder. But me witnessing that in person and feeling the prickles up my body, not me getting goosebumps, this rush of noise hitting my body. I was like, man, I again, I go, I hope they get into this. Again, a good guy is injured and he’s laying on the mat. And a bad guy who loses all the time is going to come down and become world champion maybe. And I’m like, are they gonna buy it? I don’t know. But I go, I was really proud, I go early in the day, like he’s hurt, you come down, you hit him with the briefcase, bah, bah, bah, 1,2,3 new champ, the place is going to lose it! I go, this is me. I almost get the big prize for nine years in a row, let’s make them feel like Dolph is getting Dolphed one more time… I almost orchestrated it exactly how I wanted it, but I wanted one more little thing. But I go, ‘Let’s have that. I’ll beat him up, with the thing, I’ll stomp on his ankle, hit a Fameasser to a corpse, 1, 2, kick out.’ And you can just see the crowd go, they’re doing it again. They got us, they teased us, we thought he was gonna be the guy and they are rubbing it in our face. And then we get one more little false finish. I go, I’ll have him just come kick me in the head, kicks me in the head. I go down and they’re like, no, he’s rolling me over. I’m like, it was one of the most beautiful Shakespearean three-minute movies I could ever create, other than when we gave it back with him kicking me in the head 500 times and like, putting me out. We did a double turn, that was really fun. But we do that, we have one more false and then he gives me that kick. I kick out, I go for something, and he puts on his finisher, the armbar. So I’m locked in, I’m scrambling around. I wanted to scramble for like another minute, but I go, let’s not push it, they’ve gone up and down three times in 90 seconds, like more than you could ever imagine. And I’m like, good, I’m good at that. And then again, storytelling. He has a hurt ankle. I go back to that ankle, and I go, we sometimes forget it in that moment. You don’t always need that story, but I wanted the story. Yeah, here it comes. He’s got it. No, they’re screwing him. Oh my God, you’re gonna make them tap out. He’s gonna win. And as I’m selling up and he’s coming up with his back, everybody starts to realize, oh my God, it’s going to happen but then I’d like to have think that like 10 or 20 percent on the Zig Zig, one two, [pauses], they’re like three, okay, okay. Okay, you never know, and if I had my way, I would have had him kick out of that Zig Zig and why I would have went with something else. I’ll never have that WrestleMania hot crowd, hot moment, right place, right time. I’m the guy that they wanted to be the guy whether the office wanted it or not… I was so spoiled. It’s like three-and-a-half minutes and I am so proud of Del Rio, (he) was great in that too, and great in that double turn but that three-and-a-half minutes is so beautiful for the business that I’m very proud that I was a part of it.

Since 2004, Ziggler has been part of WWE. He was most recently in action on the Friday Night SmackDown before WrestleMania where he competed in the André the Giant Memorial Battle Royal.