Dolph Ziggler would love to be involved in a storyline that has people begging for it at WrestleMania

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Ziggler’s last WrestleMania was 2020. 

This weekend, WWE ran SmackDown and will be running Elimination Chamber out of Montreal, Quebec, Canada. Monday’s WWE Raw is taking place in Ottawa, Ontario and to promote that show, Dolph Ziggler was interviewed by CityNews Ottawa

With WrestleMania 39 inching closer, it was mentioned in the article that the last WrestleMania Ziggler competed on was in 2020. Ziggler stated that he’d love to be in a story that had people clamoring for it to happen on that stage. 

I would love to have something that matters so much story-wise that people are begging for it at WrestleMania, and then whoever I have that story with, we go out, deliver and just crush and to have that organic crowd involvement would help tell that story even more.

Ziggler is scheduled for the 2/20 Raw and he’ll be facing Mustafa Ali in singles competition.