Dominion 6-9-19 Live Thoughts

Suzuki vs Liger: 2002 Pancrase


However they’re booking Yoshi-Hashi super strong, right now. :joy::joy:. He got the pin-fall in the BOSJ final show and then was put over ZSJ.

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Takagi might be my wrestler of the year candidate. I haven’t seen a boring NJPW match, from him, yet. Tanahashi/Jericho was the feud that I wanted to see, since Jericho’s debut.
And I wonder how Kenta’s health is going to hold up in the G-1. That dude had some shitty luck during his run in NXT.

FFS Ibushi and Naito. What is going wrong where you want to cripple each other in a match? I get you want to push it to the edge but over the edge is a world of pain and not doing what you love.

This was sick

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Honestly, KENTA is going to have to show me A LOT in the G1, because at the moment, I think he is super overrated. I know WWE used him like shit, but throughout his entire run, I didnt see a single glimpse of anything decent from him. I hope he can prove me wrong, but right now, I’m almost wishing Taichi would be in more than him.

He’s old and slow. I really want him to retire at this point

Jericho’s first match with Omega was decent (definitely not 5 stars like Meltzer gave it) but other than that, he’s just looked sloppy in the ring. Maybe not bad enough to where he should retire but he’s definitely not main event calibre.