Don Callis reacts to Scott D'Amore's exit from TNA, says he doesn't shed tears for multi-millionaires

Originally published at Don Callis reacts to Scott D'Amore's exit from TNA, says he doesn't shed tears for multi-millionaires

Callis claims that he did not know about D’Amore’s firing because they are no longer in communication. 

It has been three months since now-former TNA President Scott D’Amore was let go from the company and replaced by Anthem Sports & Entertainment executive, Anthony Cicione. 

D’Amore has yet to publicly address his exit from the company. From 2017-2021, D’Amore shared co-executive Vice President duties with Don Callis in IMPACT and Callis reacted to D’Amore’s exit while on Sunday Night’s Main Event

When initially asked about it, Callis claimed that he was not aware and added that himself and Scott are no longer in communication. He stated that he’s not shedding a tear for a multi-millionaire. 

What news? Scott’s not with TNA anymore? I don’t talk to Scott (D’Amore) so I don’t know. No (we’re not in touch anymore). But, but, here’s the thing, Scott D’Amore is five-foot-eight, but when he stands on his wallet, he’s 7 feet tall. So Scott D’Amore, we’re not having any tag days here for Scott D’Amore, no food stamps. If he lost his job, I don’t shed a tear because I don’t shed a tear for multi-millionaires, who now (is) just gonna play more golf. Scott’s a smart guy but I mean, you know, no tears here so, but I had no idea. Thanks for letting me know. 

Can we send Scott D’Amore a card? A get-well card or something? I don’t know. What do people do? You send a get-well card or a congratulations or what? What kind of thing do you do? I’m not good with emotions. What type of emotion are you supposed to feel if someone loses their job? Nothing? Okay, well that’s where I’m at. 

In late 2020, Callis consistently began to appear on-screen with Kenny Omega on the lead-up to Omega’s AEW World Title win

Present day, Callis is leading The Don Callis Family (Konosuke Takeshita, Will Ospreay, Powerhouse Hobbs & Kyle Fletcher) on AEW programming. 

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