Don Callis Turns Heel On Omega

(talking at 2 mins, heel turn at aroun 9 mins)

Looks like this serves two purposes, As an angle going in to the Jericho cruise and possibly to get Callis out of NJPW commentary.

Great Promo by Callis though. Basically just took every rant Cornette has ever done towards Omega and turned it into a scathing heel promo.

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This is what i was referencing in my double shot feedback. Thanks for posting!

It’s ridiculous (and cute) that this is what Omega does for his birthday

Callis is keeping it in character. On his podcast he continued to berate Omega for taking those shit appearances as an IWGP champ and calling him a disappointment but claiming it was not a work (yea right LOL). I’m sure somewhere Jim Cornette watched this video with the biggest smile on his face.

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I doubt Jim Cornette cares, he only reacts when he’s inundated with the same video over and over.

you really don’t think Cornette’s viewers didn’t spam his inbox with this, considering its basically all the complaints he has leveled at Omega as the basis for his dislike of the man? I’m sure he has seen it., Will he comment on it? No, I’m sure he respects Callis for doing this sort of work. At first I wasn’t sure why they would do this, then I figured that its mostly a way to get Callis out of New Japan. Maybe the line after the cruise will be that Omega went to NJPW top brass and used his “influence” to get Callis fired. Smart way of writing Callis out of NJPW.

Except Callis signed on for more Japan shows recently.

Don Callis should win the briefcase and challenge Omega at Wrestle Kingdom.

I vaguely remember seeing Kevin Kelly post that Callis is back in NJPW, through Wrestle Kingdom. Btw, did I miss something? When was Don Callis ever a “Face”? Or did he go “Heel-er”?:joy::joy:

nah he just went “heelier”. I’ve never considered him a face or a even really a nuetral announcer. But he was Bullet Club and Kenny Omega loyal. If he signed on for more new japan shows I am not sure where they are going with this. Something to do with the cruise for sure. He did say that Okada “carried” Omega in their matches so it may tie in some how to wrestle kingdom. I’m just glad to hear him cut a great promo like that.

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Great points. Maybe the surprise will be Callis aligning himself with a heel Ibushi. To be fair, I’m not a fan of Omega playing the “Hogan” role. He really comes off like a douche bag.