Don’t F**k With Cats: Hunting an Internet Killer

Just finished watching this new Netflix three part true crime series and highly recommend it. @johnpollock and @wai0937 - I think you guys will like this. Did you hear about this at the time given the link to Toronto?

I’ve only seen the trailer. Looks horrifying and really interesting. I didn’t hear about it in Toronto at the time.

Can I ask how graphic the documentary is, true crime stuff interests me, and I can hear about grim details no problem, but I have no wish to actually see it.

It’s not that graphic in my opinion. They don’t show any graphic parts of the videos.

This clip is funny for any locals:

I just watched this yesterday. It’s not too graphic to be honest. It’s a fascinating story from beginning to end.

Thank you for the recommendation! This thing is far from festive but incredible. Never heard a thing about it before

Cool. Thank you.

Thought this was going to be about Ernie Ladd and Ernest Miller.

2nd this. Shows a bit to get an idea but nothing super graphic.

Really excellent. It was harrowing at times, particularly the scenes involving the cat videos. Also a very frustrating experience in terms of law enforcement response at time. Without spoiling anything, there is an interesting side story regarding the power of internet mobs that I wish had been developed a bit more.

Along the same line The Confession Killer about Henry Lee Lucas is two thumbs up. The misuse of Lucas’ pliability by law enforcement was crazy, and the lengths that the Texas Rangers went to protect their golden goose was truly shocking.