Double Or Nothing

Great to see the demand is strong. Anyone have any luck with the Double Or Nothing presale? Lots of hate on Twitter and Reddit but I know at least a friend got theirs. I didn’t have any luck but I’m hoping there is a decent amount left for the general sale Weds. Either way I have my flight booked for so I’ll have fun at the convention itself. And it’s Vegas


What would have to happen for you all to call Double Or Nothing either a “win” or a “loss”?

I know there are plenty of people ready to call the whole thing a failure and just as many ready to declare the next “Monday Night War” regardless what actually happens next Saturday, but what is a reasonable benchmark (financial, “artistic”, whatever) for the event itself that would make you consider it a success or a failure in both the short-term and the long-term?

If they sold out the event then it by it self is a win for them.

As an organization then it will take time to see how they do to make that call.

How about something as simple as if you enjoyed the show and look forward to seeing more then it was a win.

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That works too.

It’s weird

FITE TV app says 47.99
FITE TV website says 19.99



It’s 19.99 CDN!!! Amazing versus the same app for 47.99. I bought it for 20 and can confirm the app says I’m good to go

HA! They just fixed it while I was about to purchase.

Packed arena that sounds as good as All In with updated production value + a big talking point coming out of it that makes you want to continue to follow it. A story. And at least one highly acclaimed in-ring March. Kenny and Jericho has to be at least the dome. Cody and Aldis has to be close to NWA title and the Bucks need to look fresh and not like a greatest hits act.

That a win to me. As a fan more prone to like them I need the in ring to be there. This cannot feel like Old school TNA or WWE. Something that screams different in the American market (closer to NJPW caliber).

It’s a loss if it lacks production. Has glitches. Or feels like a glorified Indy show or a wanna be WWE show. It can’t be easily dismissed (like a Impact Ppv that’s good but won’t be talked about in 3 weeks).

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Really excited to watch Double Or Nothing, and was about AU$30.00.

Only need to stay offline as I’m working when it airs live.

Quick question to any US area people buying the show on B/R Live.Say I want to watch the PPV after it starts or catch the replay right after it ends will that be possible or can you only live feed?

First time using B/R Live. Super skeptical since the reviews of the app, around the latter part of last year, was super shitty. Hopefully the company was able to get their shit together.

From Canada, heard it was only PPV. I don’t have cable so I can’t get ppv any suggestions for a service to use where I can buy double or nothing ?

The B/R Live app or website.

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Thank you. I can pay using my google rewards money so I got double or nothing for $20.

Enjoy the show everyone.