DOUBLE SHOT 11/14/18: Ultima Lucha Pt. 2, BTE, Total Divas, Real World Tag League Night 1

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John Pollock and Wai Ting bring you the DOUBLE SHOT:
  • John Pollock reviews Ultima Lucha Cuatro Part 2 featuring murders, a resurrection, and a new champion
  • Wai Ting reviews this week’s episode of Being the Elite with Cody becoming possessed
  • Wai also reviews a Total Divas with the first of a two-parter as the women go on vacation as a feud between Paige & Lana comes to a head
  • Plus, John reviews the opening night of All Japan’s Real World Tag League tournament
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Lucha Underground sounds like a Wrestling Acid trip.

I may watch one day if they are all on Netflix. John has sold me on this insanity

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I believe its being taken off Netflix this month sometime, if it hasnt already.

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No wonder Netflix stock is tanking. If they ain’t down with Lucha I ain’t down with that

I enjoyed the All Japan review. I agree that All Japan’s tournament looks more interesting. They actually put all of their main eventers in it.

The first night was really good. The last 2 matches were the best. The opening tournament match was a fun match as well.

I think that eventually they need to push Jake Lee as one of the top guys. He is just missing something. Maybe he needs to tweak his look a little and wrestle with more intensity.