DOUBLE SHOT 8/8/18: Lucha Underground, Being The Elite 114

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When there are simply too many events to cover on Rewind-A-Raw/SmackDown, John Pollock and Wai Ting bring you the DOUBLE SHOT:

John catches us up on Lucha Underground Season 4 with a review of Episode 8 featuring the ongoing battle between the Worldwide Underground and the Reptile Tribe. Plus, TWO beheadings on the same episode.

Wai & John review Being The Elite (Ep. 114) featuring the cast announcing ALL IN’s broadcast details. Plus, an update on Joey Ryan and cameo appearances from Billy Gunn, Jack Swagger and DDP.

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Thanks for the review. Just adding, the Joey Ryan cameo walkthrough in this episode was exactly the same as the Kevin Steen/Owens cameo in episode 65 (around the 6:28 mark) ’ Missed Connections’ that also featured Sami Zayn and AJ Styles cameos.

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Listening to John review a Lucha Underground episode made me realize what a ridiculous show this is. Like popcorn summer movies sometimes you have to turn your brain off and believe Tom Cruise can fly a helicopter in Mission Impossible so you can believe John Morrison turning into Indiana Jones and killing a lizard man.

@johnpollock I’m only part way through this Lucha Underground review and it is one of the greatest reviews you’ve ever done. You describing it and Wai’s reactions are some of the funniest things I’ve heard. Please continue reviewing this.

Here in New Zealand, I have no way to legitimately watch Lucha Underground. There’s no El Rey Network, and it’s not on the NZ versions of Netflix or iTunes. Which means I cant directly support it.

Which sucks because LU adresses nearly everything I dislike or am sick of with other promotions, mainly WWE but also the less creative indie feds

  • Rather than being a predominantly North American product with “guests” from the Mexican and Japanese wrestling traditions getting treated with less respect than they deserve, it’s a Mexican dominated product and everyone else is a “guest”. This is beyond refreshing.

  • Representation: stephanie mcmahon does not have enough insincere corporate speak in her vocabulary for the amount of representation on the show. Not only does everyone wrestle everyone, but there are women, minis, masked performers, characters who dont speak english and exitocos (basically drag/3rd gender wrestlers)

  • Storytelling: they have decided to double down on the entertainment side of kayfabe. This totally gets rid of the Smark crowd response - rather it becomes a kind of pantomime where the crowd is part of the show and they show support by going along with whatever crazy crap they are oresented with