DOUBLE SHOT: Death of Gino Hernandez, WWE Business Summit, Greg Hamilton, BTE

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John Pollock and Wai Ting present the DOUBLE SHOT:

  • A review of Viceland’s Dark Side of the Ring Episode 5: The Mysterious Death of Gorgeous Gino
  • Highlights from WWE’s 2019 Business Partner Summit as Triple H and Stephanie discuss the company’s strategies for growth in 2019
  • Announcer Greg Hamilton is profiled in a unique WWE Mockumentary on YouTube
  • Being the Elite Ep. 150 “Ransom Note” and Road To Double Or Nothing Ep. 15 with excelling promos from PAC, SCU and highlights from Kenny Omega and Chris Jericho’s encounter over the weekend
  • News of the Day: SmackDown ratings, AEW’s Double or Nothing to air on ITV in UK, Angelico signs with AEW, and John’s thoughts on the Wild Card Rule

The Double Shot is available for all POST Wrestling Café patrons.

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I completely agree with you. After seeing what wwe can do on youtube with all the talents and money they have, it’s amazing that they are not able to translate this types of really good comedy or promos during raw or smackdown. WWE PC’s youtube for example feels really fresh, modern, touching. I really feel people would dig these types of raw, natural segments during the weekly shows. Let IIconics be who they are without forcing it, let Big E be as funny as he is in real life, let Finn Balor speak as a normal human being. As John said, if it shits the bed, then it shits the bed but at least, it would have the redeeming quality of sounding natural.

The Dark Side of the Ring series on Viceland has been really captivating lately. I have never watched a Gino Hernandez match, but I really enjoyed the show on him.

It was interesting how his mother just accepted the anonymous drug trafficker’s account on his death being an overdose. There seems to be more to this story.

You guys hit the nail on the head in that they needed to go more in depth with the inconsistencies in the autopsy. Also, why was a gun on the scene? And why was his car parked like he sped into his lot and frantically parked it?

Benoit and Dino Bravo are great potential season 2 topics. Some other ideas for Dark Side of The Ring season 2: The WWF Steroid Trial, Buck Zumhofe, Mel Phillips, Chris Adams, The Renegade, Eddie Guerrero, Andrew Martin, and Chris Kanyon.


Given the success of Dark Side of the Ring, the Abraham docu-series getting picked up… anyone think there’s a chance/opportunity for some indie fed to look to produce some wrestling content for Viceland?

Given that there are many others still around that where here and knew Geno it would have been nice to hear their thoughts. In no way am I taking the word of 2 convicted drug dealers on what happened

Hey guys thanks for introducing me to the dark side of the ring docu series! It is really great and I hope they get renewed for a second season. I knew about most of the stuff on a few of these,but it’s always nice to hear some other perspectives and and thoughts about these events.

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