DOUBLE SHOT: GLOW S3 Ep. 3 & 4, NXT UK Prime Target, Diary: Rhino

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John Pollock and Wai Ting present the DOUBLE SHOT:

  • Episodes 3 & 4 of GLOW Season 3 are reviewed as we explore the themes of body image and gender dynamics within this time period. Debbie expands on her insecurities and how her looks have defined her, Cherry and Keith’s desire to have a baby conflict and Melrose meets Paul the Gigolo. In our next episode, Russell travels to Los Angeles to be with Ruth, Sam shares his manuscript, Bash Howard is offended by an insinuation, and we learn more about Sheila.
  • Prime Target: NXT UK TakeOver A preview of Saturday’s main event between WALTER and Tyler Bate for the U.K. championship
  • NXT UK (8/28/2019) – John recaps the go-home edition of NXT UK heading into the TakeOver special featuring Jordan Devlin vs. Kenny Williams, Oliver Carter vs. Joseph Conners, and Ilja Dragunov vs. Tyson T-Bone.
  • Diary: Rhino – Fight Network’s behind-the-scenes feature on Impact Wrestling’s latest signing, Rhino.

The Double Shot is available for all POST Wrestling Café patrons.

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Look at Nick Ting and Matt Pollock starting the show with “Am I allowed to talk about what the new Post Wrestling schedule is”

Carol Channing was a real woman Bobby was performing as in Drag, like Barbara Streisand and Liza Minnelli

I’ve enjoyed the pacing of watching 2 episodes every Tuesday before Smackdown and I think Netflix got cute releasing this Summerslam weekend and it kinda got buried among wrestling fans with Takeover and G1, it’s also been a blessing that it didn’t get the buzz of Stranger Things Season 3 so I haven’t seen any spoilers for future episodes

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Last year, I thought your review of GLOW season 2 was your best review ever. I think you are toping that with your two episodes a week review of season 3.
My girlfriend and I burned through season 3 after the G1 was all said and done. No spoilers but I thought it was a great season filled with so many important topics that we as consumers are not used to being exposed to. I feel that your breakdown and analysis of these scenes and topics are important for people to hear.
As a straight white male, I have no idea what it’s like to be a woman or gay or a minority. So I look to shows like these to experience in some way what that is like and get a better understanding.
It’s fascinating to see how much we go through just to hide our true selves which to me is the overall theme of this season.
All I am trying to say is that I think you are doing important work for not only the wrestling comunity but for society as a whole.
The End.


I’m really enjoying the two episode reviews a week. I finished the season last night and (no spoilers) can see this series going a few more seasons, a la Orange is the New Black. So much more is set up for the next season. There were a good number of moments that made me tear up, similar to the last season, so the emotional aspect of the season hit hard.

As for the limited amount of wrestling through the first part of season 3, it works with what they’re putting on in Vegas. Though I would have been interested to see the disappearing Karl.

Looking forward to hearing more about the rest of the season.