DOUBLE SHOT: Omega Man doc, BTE & C2E2 panel, Total Bellas

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John Pollock and Wai Ting present The Double Shot:
    • John Pollock and Wai Ting review the Omega Man: A Wrestling Love Story that will air this week as part of TSN’s Engraved on a Nation documentary series
    • Episode 144 of Being the Elite “C2E2” with the announcement of AEW’s show in conjunction with CEO Gaming, Matt Jackson’s obsession with Michael Nakazawa, and the Elite go to the C2E2 convention in Chicago.
    • John recaps The Elite’s panel chat from C2E2 and tidbits from it
    • Finally, Wai Ting reviews the season finale of Total Bellas featuring another retirement announcement!

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Not knowing who kenny omega was, i was curious to learn more about him. The only stuff i saw of him was his deep south stuff and quite frankly at the time, i wasn’t really impress by him at the time. So i thought maybe the documentary would change my impression of him.

So i watch the documentary and while i liked most of the documentary, i skip over the DDT stuff because i found it disgusting and anybody that defend this type of stuff in wrestling should be ashamed of themselves, it didn’t really change my mind about him. Don’t get me wrong, the guys is really good and he made it in the world of wrestling without wwe’s help but i wouldn’t call him the best wrestler in the world.

In the end, i thought that it was a really good documentary and i did learn more about who kenny omega is but in the end, he didn’t gain a new fan with this documentary.

You can actually watch that full DDT tryout video on YouTube

I read on an interview somewhere that this is/was Kenny Omega’s family’s cottage in Winnipeg


Fantastic surprise at the end :joy: “oh GOD, You listened to it!!!?”

It was this video that introduced me to Kenny back in 2007. As soon as I found out he created wrestling moves for “Flashman’s Timestopper” and the Hadouken, I was sold. It was hard not to believe he’d eventually become a big star, but in hindsight he exceeded even those expectations.

I’m not sure if this was recorded earlier or later in the day, but John was really going for the puns in this podcast. I quite enjoyed it.

You’ve never really seen his output from 2009-onwards, so how can you say he isn’t the best wrestler in the world? Watching clips in a documentary doesn’t really count.

Also, his DDT stuff is unashamedly fantastic.

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TSN posted Omega Man on their website, but it’s behind a subscription paywall (I watched from my PVR).

Anywhere to watch Omega Man in the US

I want to see Kenny Omega vs Broken Hardy in the Hardy universe after this