Download Issues

I’m trying to download RAS on Apple podcasts and it’s not downloading. Is anyone else having any issues?

No issues on my end. If I have issues with the Patreon feed, I typically edit my pledge on Patreon (don’t actually change anything), and use the new link they send you. That usually solves the issue.

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No download issues, however I’m user Overcast.

Edit: However I noticed the associated image isn’t loaded, which might indicate some feed issues.

It was fine for me this morning.

Just tried this and it still didnt work. It just says that it is unable to download. It wont download any of the POST Patreon shows, but my other patreon and non patreon podcasts all work.

@wai0937 Do you know what I can do to fix this? The image also doesnt show, since I edited my patreon and put in the new link.

Hey @Rated_R_Poster,

Your pledge status seems to be fine on the backend. Can you DM me the RSS link you’re using? Also, are you able to access the show via the Patreon site on a web browser?