Downstait's Zack Call teases releasing version of Kevin Owens' WWE theme with lyrics added

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Call went on to share that Chelsea Green tried hard to use her ‘Hot Mess’ theme in WWE. 

Downstait has created theme songs for WWE, AEW, NWA and for talents on the independent scene. The band’s lead vocalist, Zack Call, guest appeared on episode #172 of Cultaholic’s Desert Island Graps podcast

As the conversation rolled on, he spoke about the idea of releasing an unofficial version of Kevin Owens’ WWE theme that would include lyrics. 

Here’s one that I wanna get going for this and hopefully we can use you and just plug a little bit. We did the Seth Rollins thing by just doing a tweet and saying, ‘Hey, what song would you like to have lyrics on it right now?’ And Seth Rollins won the poll by a small margin over Kevin Owens. So, we always thought it sounded something like we would’ve written anyways. Maybe there’s some Kevin Owens lyrics coming. Just for the fans. It’s not something WWE wants but, the Seth Rollins one is just for the fans as well and that one kind of took off. So maybe there’s some Kevin Owens lyrics coming.

Before returning to WWE at the 2023 Royal Rumble, Chelsea Green’s theme song was created by Downstait titled ‘Hot Mess’. Call shared that Green tried hard to keep that theme when she went back to WWE. There were negotiations between the two sides but ultimately, the decision was made to not use it. 

So that’s the one that got away (Chelsea Green’s ‘Hot Mess’ theme) because when she returned at Royal Rumble, we were talking to her and she was in negotiations to keep the song and it didn’t play out the same way that it did with Cody (Rhodes) which was some long conversations with their lawyers and the head of their WWE Music, Cody and the band. Chelsea, I don’t know if it wasn’t because she wasn’t as hot coming back in or what it was but she didn’t have the leverage to use the song and she did try really, really hard but, damn I want WWE to hear that one because it’s a banger.

One of Call’s favorite tracks that he’s been part of putting together is an unreleased theme for Buddy Matthews. They created it for his venture into AEW but he ended up joining House of Black and using a song under that umbrella. 

There’s a really good Buddy (Matthews) song that’s just sitting in the chamber. We’d done Buddy’s song when he was over in New Japan called Secret No More. Awesome tune, really, really happy with it. We wrote one for him at AEW and then he joined House of Black. It’s a banger. It’s one of my favorite things that we’ve ever done. I think we’re just gonna release it just so people can hear.

On the 5/10 AEW Dynamite, House of Black (Malakai Black, Brody King & Buddy Matthews) are putting their World Trios Championships on the line against Bandido, Chuck Taylor and Trent Beretta. 

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