Draftkings + WWE

Years late in my opinion, but Draftkings + WWE formed a partnership. They had done something promotional last Wrestlemania season that ended pretty abruptly. Will be curious if there are weekly contests and whether that would spike viewership. Although the contests seem to be of the free variety so not sure what the engagement will be by Draftking users.

As a Draftking investor and somebody who keeps an eye on DKNG, the chatter has been funny, with a lot of jokes about getting into business with scripted programs. A bit of a rejection by wall street in terms of partnerships.

Would you play? What are basic features or scoring you’d recommend if building a fantasy game for weekly or just big PPVs?

How would this work? I envision a menu of prop bets. Are they actually gonna let us gamble on this stuff?

O/U 2.5 Disqualifications/No-Contests on RAW tonight
O/U 2.5 Surprise Roll-Ups on RAW tonight

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The 2020 Mania contest was for things like “Finisher” “Winning and Losing” and “use of weapons” I vaguely remember doing it and it was a free to play contest so didn’t pay much attention.