Dragongate 'indefinitely suspends' Ultimo Dragon

Originally published at Dragongate 'indefinitely suspends' Ultimo Dragon

Último Dragón continuously refused to take the match with Diamante. 

Dragongate Japan Pro-Wrestling held an event on March 14th at Kobe Sunbow Hall. General Manager Ryo Saito requested that Último Dragón have a singles match against Diamante. The two have been engaged in a feud and they’ve gone after one another’s mask. 

Dragón refused and to follow up on that, Dragongate pushed out the announcement that Último Dragón has been ‘indefinitely suspended’ and he will not be able to sell merchandise at Dragongate event venues. The promotion posted an image of Último leaving Kobe Sunbow Hall. 

Diamante and Último Dragón were in the co-main event of the 5/14 show. It was a six man tag match and Último’s team was disqualified after he removed Diamante’s mask.

#ウルティモドラゴン 選手の処分について】#斎藤了 GMによる #ディアマンテ とのシングルマッチ対戦要請に対し度重なる拒否行為を行ったとして、同選手へ無期限の出場停止、および各会場におけるグッズ販売停止の処分が下されました。https://t.co/6mIYcDKqWe#DRAGONGATE#ProWrestling pic.twitter.com/4Rua2Vio0v

— DRAGONGATE (@dragongate_pro) May 14, 2023

Último is heading to the USA to compete at TCW’s Rise Of The Titans event on May 20th in Aberdeen Township, New Jersey. He’ll be in a three way involving Johnny Moran and Anthony Gangone. Sonny Onoo is accompanying Último to the event.