Drake Maverick

This guy’s definitely been re-signed, right? Or maybe he was never let go in the first place? They wouldn’t be pushing the ‘I believe in you’ and referencing him being released if he was really gone… right?

A worked shoot’s worked shoot.

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I think it depends on the result of his next match.

If he wins, eyebrows will be raised.

Out of curiosity, could another promotion make him an offer right now to see if he’s actually interested. If he turned it down straight away, it would probably give it away.

If he’s still with WWE for the long term, I really hope it’s a re-signing not a complete work. That would be low even by WWE’s standards

Any sort of “angle” around this feels like a shitty thing to do when a bunch of people were legitimately canned last week. Having said that, I could definitely see it.


WWE literally using layoffs for storyline and as a way to get babyfaces over is…


…not surprising?

I read somewhere that independent contractors can’t be furloughed - hence why WWE staff (ie. agents) were furloughed while wrestlers were released.

For all intents and purposes though, I think we can consider Drake a furlough, and he’ll be back not long after his 90 days.

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I don’t see the point of doing that with talent they have access to and are using.

Its Round Robin so he’s bound to get one win probably. Doesn’t change his status.