Drake Younger (Wuertz) retires from in-ring competition

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After 20 years, Younger is retiring from in-ring action. 

Drake Younger f.k.a. Drake Wuertz was diagnosed with a broken back and three fractured vertebrae and he was informed of that after he competed in XPW’s King of the Death Match tournament. 

Younger underwent surgery on April 25th. He provided an update on Instagram and noted that his 21-year career as an in-ring performer has come to an end. He feels that suffering the injury he did was a blessing in disguise and it is allowing him to slow down. 

For those in the pro wrestling space you may have heard that my 21 year in ring wrestling career has come to an end.

We in this profession all know that the ride we all want can end at any moment due to the physical punishment required for the job. It certainly does not make it sting any less when that day actually comes.

I’ve been blessed with an INCREDIBLE on camera career in our business.

-From my first $5 payday in 2002 at the Evansville Coliseum (plus a hamburger)…
-to headlining Korakeun Hall in Japan while legitimizing American Deathmatch Fighting…
-to standing in the ring in front of 80,000 people at WrestleMania about to ref the main event match for the boss that changed my life while being trusted by Mr. McMahon to make sure his Daughter stays safe in the match…
-to proving the doubters wrong by showing I’m one of the best while giving back to the next generation…

The ride has been amazing!

However it is well past time to start putting my family first. Wrestling has come above everything for half my life. I’m blessed with a beautiful wife, 3 kids, and twin boys on the way.
Breaking my back was a blessing in disguise and the slow down I personally needed.

I’ve caused a lot of damage at home and there are some steps I need to take to better myself for my family.

Thank you to fans across the globe for the love.
Please continue to support and pray for us 🙏🏻 (LINK IN MY BIO)

Psycho Shooter
Drake Younger
2007 TOD Champion
2007 Best of the Best Peoples Choice Champion
2008 Ted Petty Invitational Champion
2011 IWA King of the Deathmatches
2014 Best of the Best Champion
2023 XPW King of the Deathmatches
CZW World Heavyweight Champion
CZW World Jr. Heavyweight Champion
CZW World Tag Team Champion
CZW Ultraviolent Underground Champion (MY FAVORITE)


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Younger returned to in-ring action after being released from WWE in 2021 following a seven-year run as a referee. 

On June 3rd, there is going to be a benefit show for Drake in Milner, Georgia. Jaxson Ryker will be in action and he’s planning to retire in August.

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I hope no one goes to his benefit show. What a miserable excuse for a human being


He’d benefit from learning how to read.

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