Dream Slam Weekly - Monthly Mailbag & Readers Bring the Matches Thread

Hey, everyone! Your tour guide on your international joshi learning excursion here! I am looking for new ways to improve and expand Dream Slam Weekly, and two of the ideas I came up with are a “Hey, Karen-Sensei…” Monthly Mailbag and a Readers Bring the Matches segment.

  • Mailbag - I am thinking it would be in one of the mid-month issues of DSW, likely the second or third week depending on the volume of questions, comments & more! (Likely monthly cut-off between the 14th & 16th each month)

  • Matches - I would like to review the previous month in first volume of the following month (ex: Review September in the First volume in October). This would mean that there would be a slight overlap with the previous month and current month depending on how many days the month has (likely cut off the last Friday of each month).

Just reply with a quote of which topic you’d like to participate in, and I can gather them up from this thread!

Proposed Deadlines for 2022

September 2022 Submissions ONLY:
- Mailbag - September 29, 2022 by NOON ET for DSW 10/1
- Matches - September 29, 2022 by NOON ET for DSW 10/1

I have a flight to London on 9/29, so I would love to work on this while in transit or upon landing in the UK on the morning of 9/30!

Starting October 2022 - the cut off will usually be by noon Eastern Standard Time on Fridays.
- Mailbag - 10/14/22 at NOON ET for DSW 10/15
- Matches - 10/28/22 at 10AM ET for DSW 10/29

I’ll be traveling to NYC for NJPW Rumble on 44th Street, but I would love to review October in the last volume of the month.

November 2022 by NOON ET
- Mailbag - 11/11/22 for DSW 11/12
- Matches - 11/25/22 for DSW 11/26

December 2022
- Mailbag - 12/16/22 for DSW 12/17
- Matches - 12/30/22 at 10AM ET for DSW 12/31 - END OF 2022 Edition?!