Dream Slam Weekly (Vol. 20): DamageCTRL Herald In the Triple H Era of WWE

Originally published at Dream Slam Weekly (Vol. 20): Damage Control Herald In the Triple H Era of WWE

Last week, I started a push to start thinking of more ways to improve Dream Slam Weekly. Much like each of us, DSW is a constant work in progress. I hope that I can continue developing this column into something we can all share together and support one another.

Topic of the Week: Remembering Daffney & Hana Kimura

Last week was the birthday for two beloved angels in the wrestling community. Daffney’s birthday was September 1st and Hana’s was September 3rd. In the US, September is also Suicide Prevention Month. I celebrated my own birthday this week, so maybe I am a little overly sentimental at the moment. It’s okay to not be okay, but if you need to reach out, please do.

Asking for help is always one of the hardest steps. You are never a burden, and you aren’t alone. Check on someone you haven’t heard from in a while. Often we wait too long to check on those we love, and sometimes we are too late.

DSW Projects – Submit your suggestions here! (POST Forum | Google Form)

  • “Hey, Karen-Sensei…” Mailbag – Send in your questions, comments, stand out wrestlers and ask me (juuuuuuust about) anything related to wrestling.
  • POST Bring the Matches Challenge – Send me your must-see match recommendations for September (by 9/29)! I need to pass some time on that eight hour flight to London!
  • Live Show Diaries – While these will be few and far between, I will try my best to include my personal experiences on shows that feature women’s wrestling. Travel writing is one of my interests, and I would love to share that with the Dream Slam Fam!

International Excursions & Adventures

One of the things I am going to try to include are details about the international promotions bringing the best Japanese wrestlers across continents and oceans to participate on their shows. I want to share my platform with the promotions working hard to showcase Japanese wrestling, so if you are a promotion with plans for talent exchanges or international excursions, or you’re a Japanese promotion with plans to dispatch your talent internationally or bring some foreign wrestlers into your roster, let’s work together! I want to share my platform with you!

September 2022

October 2022

November 2022

  • Jungle Kyona: Deadlock Pro Wrestling (11/12; Concord, NC)
  • EVE: Hyper Misao, Miyu Yamashita & Takumi Iroha* slated for Wrestle Queendom (11/13; London, UK)

Passports Ready! Who’s Going TO Japan?!



In last week’s Dream Slam Weekly, (9/3) Tae Honma snagged the top photo, draped in colorful streamer tape, clutching her award envelope, having won the CMLL Lady’s Ring Mexico Expedition Tournament, by defeating COLOR’S Hikari Shimizu.

  • Next Event: Ice Ribbon x CMLL at Fiesta Mexicana
  • Venue/Date: Odaiba (9/25; Day Three)
  • Complete Match Card: To Be Announced

For those with paid access to Ice Ribbon’s NicoNico video service, the CMLL partnership shows are available for viewing!


Results (9/4) Post Di Amistad

  • 3-Way Match (1/20): Nanami defeated Deborah K vs. Sae (7:55) with Nanami pinning Deborah K in a Leg Roll
  • Singles Match (1/20): Ayako Sato defeated Himiko (10:28) with a Fisherman’s Buster
  • Tag Match (1/20): Kyoko Inoue & Miran defeated Madeline & Kakeru Sekiguchi (13:40) with Inoue pinning Madeline after a Power Bomb
  • Tag Match (1/20): Haruka Umesaki & Miyuki Takase vs. COHAKU & Yumi Ohka (18:27) with Umesaki pinning COHAKU

Strong Style Pro by Satoru Sayama (the First Tiger Mask) (9/10) Post Di Amistad

  • Singles Match (1/30): Haruka Umesaki vs. Momo Tani
  • Tag Match (1/30): Jaguar Yokota & Tiger Queen versus DarkerZ (Dark Panther & Dark Cheetah)

PWZERO1 & Joshi Legends Collaborate in Kumamoto (10/8-9/22)

Keep Getting Up!! DIANA to participate in outdoor show in Kumamoto for the next Shinjiro Otani show on October 8th & 9th. Participants scheduled include Kyoko Inoue. Jaguar Yokota, Ayako Sato, Haruka Umesaki, Madeline & Deborah K.

Next Big Show! (10/16) Korakuen Hall

  • Tag Match: Madeline & Miran vs. Ayame Sasamura (2AW) & Manami
  • Second Match: Deborah K vs. Sae
  • Third Match: TBA
  • WWWD Elizabeth Championship Match: Jaguar Yokota © vs. Miss Mongol vs. X
  • Semi-Final 6-Woman Tag Match: Haruka Umesaki, Miyuki Takase & Mika Iwata vs. Natsu Sumire, Makoto & NATSUMI
  • Main Event 8-Woman Tag Match (1/60): Kyoko Inoue, Takako Inoue, Shinobu Kandori & Tiger Queen vs. Ayako Sato, Hanako Nakamori (PURE-J), Unagi Sayaka (STARDOM) & Nanami

Schedule for 2022

  • (10/1): Future Site Show – Participants and Card TBA
  • (10/16): Korakuen Hall
  • Volume 19 (10/30) – Post Di Amistad
  • Volume 20 (11/13) – Post Di Amistad
  • Volume 21 (11/27) – Post Di Amistad
  • Volume 22 (12/11) – Post Di Amistad
  • Volume 23 (12/25) – Post Di Amistad
  • Volume 24 (12/31) – Post Di Amistad

Pro-Wrestling EVE

After last week’s Thursday Night Riot show, EVE finally jumped the queue, boldly making their way to the front of my viewing queue. Between the deepening of their relationship with Tokyo Joshi Pro-Wrestling and the homecoming for Millie McKenzie and Nina Samuels, I was very much in my fangirl feelings watching the 9/1 show. Orlando Mania Week (2017) was my first Mania week as a wrestling fan, but it was also my first foray into the British wrestling scene. Millie in particular was someone I knew could and would become a big star. I was happy for her to get signed by WWE, but devastated they didn’t capitalize on her talent in NXT UK. I hope this return to her roots and her EVE family will draw more eyes to the company and everyone will flourish together.

The Road to Wrestle Queendom (11/13)

  • Hyper Misao (TJPW) for Wrestle Queendom debut. Opponent TBA.
  • Special Singles Match: Kanji (#15) challenges Takumi Iroha (#8; Marvelous) to a match at Wrestle Queendom – Pending Official Announcement/Approval from Marvelous
  • Special Singles Match: Millie McKenzie vs. Miyu Yamashita (TJPW) – Millie McKenzie was recently released from NXT UK. Prior to her signing with the WWE, she one one of the Aces of EVE, so this first match back after her WWE release was definitely an emotional one.
  • EVE Championship: Jetta © vs. Alex Windsor – Windsor picked Jetta after retaining, citing, “it’s just business.”


On 9/3, Jackson defeated Yumehito Imanari to become the third SoGP Openweight Champion, but Manase wasted no time making her intentions heard! She’ll challenge him for the title on October 2 at Nerawareta Gakuen 2022 (Itabashi Green Hall).

Results: Punch Drunk Love 2022 (9/3) Narimasu Hall

  • GanJoshi Special Tag Match: YuuRi & Yuna Manase defeated Moeka Haruhi & Yoshiko Hasegawa (11:11) – Yuna pinned Yoshiko with Suzuki Dynamic
  • Mixed Hardcore Tag Match: Shigehiro Irie & Akane Fujita (PROMINENCE) defeated Mizuki Watase & & HARUKAZE (19:00) – with Irie pinning Watase after an Avalanche Samoan Drop onto a steel chair!?!?!

Twin Peaks 2022 (9/23; Afternoon Show) Ouji Basement MON☆STAR

  • GanPro All-Stars Mixed 6-Person Tag Match: Ken Ohka&Moeka Haruhi & HARUKAZE vs. Yumehito Imanari, Yuna Manase & YuuRI

Enemy of America 2022 (9/23; Evening Show) Ouji Basement MON☆STAR

  • Tag Match: HARUKAZE & Moeka Haruhi vs. Miyuki Takase & Yoshiko Hasegawa
  • Special Singles Match: YuuRi’s Debut 1st Anniversary: Yuna Manase vs. YuuRi

GanbarePro 2022 Schedule

  • Nerawareta Gakuen 2022 (10/2) Itabashi Green Hall
  • Punch Drunk Love 2022 (10/22) Ouji Basement MONSTAR
  • GIRI GIRI CHOP! 2022 (12/27) Korakuen Hall

Gatoh Move/Choco Pro-Wrestling

On September 6th, Gatoh Move celebrated their Tenth Anniversary In celebration of this company milestone, GMCP will have a special anniversary show on September 15th entitled Phoenix Rises! I think the biggest surprise for me was in the announcement of Kid Lykos who tagged with Chris Brookes in what feels like a completely different timeline since Brookes has been in Japan for so long!

10th Anniversary Match Card (9/15)

  • Singles Match: Yuna Mizumori vs. Mei Suruga
  • Tag Match: Chris Brookes & Masahiro Takanashi vs. Isami Kodaka & Yuko Miyamoto
  • 6-Person Tag: Baliyan Akki, SAKI & Riho vs. Minoru Fujita, Kid Lykos & Kaori Yoneyama
  • Singles Match: Emi Sakura vs. Miya *temporary tame; possible debut?!
  • Tag Match: Sayaka & Chie Koshinaka vs. Arisu Endo & Suzume (TJPW)
  • Triple Threat Tag: Sayaka Obihiro & Sawasdee Kamen vs. Tokiko Kirihara & Antonio Honda vs. Sayuri & Shin Suzuki

Choco Pro Live #251 Results (9/3) – Ichigaya Chocholate Hiroba

  • Tag Match: Chie Koishikawa & Sayaka defeated Masahiro Takanashi & Sawasdee Kamen (11:45)
  • Main Event: Mei Suruga, Antonio Honda & Toru Owashi defeated Sayaka Obihiro, Yuna Mizumori & Minoru Fujita (24:17)

ChocoPro Live #252 Results(9/4) – Ichigaya Chocholate Hiroba
  • Exhibition Match: Chie Koishikawa vs. Miya (3:00) – Time Limit Draw
  • Tag Match: Tokiko Kirihara & Shin Suzuki defeated Sayaka Obihiro & Sawasdee Kamen (10:27)
  • Main Event: Yuna Mizumori & Hoshitango defeated Mei Suruga & Masahiro Takanashi (11:17)

Girls’ Pro-Wrestling Unit COLOR’S

Genuinely some of the hardest working freelancers on the Joshi scene. While COLOR’S got their start in ActWres Girl’Z, they are blazing their own trail on the independent scene and partnering with bigger promotions. Their affiliation with Cosmic Angels’ in Stardom has helped put them on casual fans’ radar, but they are quickly taking over by working together but also striking out on their own at various promotions.

Next Big Event: Yes, My Way (Vol. 4) (10/7) ShinKiba 1st Ring (6:45 PM JST START! Full Match Card TBA

  • COLOR’S Championship: SAKI © vs. Yumiko Hotta vs. Rina Amikura vs. Momoka Hanazono

Upcoming Appearances

  • SAKI: Stardom, WAVE, Ice Ribbon
  • Rina Amikura: Ice Ribbon, WAVE,
  • Yuko Sakurai: Ice Ribbon, SEAdLINNG, WAVE
  • Hikari Shimizu: WAVE, Ice Ribbon


G-ProWrestling Ver 32 Result (9/4*) Umeda Stella Hall, Osaka

  • UPDATE: Special Stipulation Match: CIMA defeated Michiko Miyagi (10:00) with a MeteoraSpecial Rule: Miyagi can win on a two count, but CIMA needs a three count to win.

TODAY! G-ProWrestling Ver 33 (9/10) Radiant Hall, Yokohama

  • MOVED: Lidet UWF Rules Match: Michiko Miyagi vs. Maya Fukuda – Miyagi can win on a two count, but CIMA needs a three count to win.

2022-2023 Schedule

  • GLEAT Ver. EX(tra) (10/9) Korakuen Hall
  • G Pro-Wrestling Ver. 39 (11/23) Korakuen Hall
  • G Pro-Wrestling Ver. 40 (11/27) Umeda Stella Hall
  • G Pro-Wrestling Ver. 41 (12/18) Umeda Stella Hall
  • NEW! GLEAT Ver. 4 (12/30) Tokyo Dome City Hall
  • GLEAT Ver. 5 (1/8/23) Edion Arena, Osaka
  • TBA (3/21/23) Gorilla Hall Osaka

Ice Ribbon

RESULTS: IR #1225 (9/3) Ice Ribbon Dojo

  • Singles Match (1/10): A~min (Rina Amikura; COLOR’S) defeated Saran (7:38)
  • Singles Match (1/10): Asahi defeated Yura Suzuki (5:23)
  • Singles Match (1/10): Ancham defeated Nao Ishikawa (7:08)
  • Tag Team Match (1/20): CREA (PURE-J) & Kaho Matsushita defeated Himiko (DIANA) & Yuko Sakurai (COLOR’S) (14:02)
  • Singles Match (1/15): Hamuko Hoshi defeated Miyu (BRS) (8:50) with Hamu Roll
  • Tag Match (1/20): Hikari Shimizu (COLOR’S) & Kaho Matsushita defeated Nao Ishikawa & A~Min (Rina Amikura; COLOR’S) (12:15) with Shimizu using the Inazuma (Lightning) Leg Drop on Ishikawa
  • Tag Match (1/20): Ram Kaicho (Triple 6) & Rina Yamashita defeated Maya Yukihi & Maika Ozaki (12:50) with Ram pinning Ozaki with a Japanese Legroll Clutch
  • Singles Match (1/15): Totoro Satsuki defeated Asahi (12:01)
  • Tag Match (1/30): Saori Anou & Tae Honma defeated CMLL (Stephanie Vaquer & Dalys) (14:47) – with Anou pinning Vaquer with Poteringu (a bridging pin)

Show Progress Report

  • Tag Tournament Incoming? During the in-ring post-match promo, Kaho Matsushita appealed to Hikari Shimizu, asking her to be her tag partner for the coming tag tournament! Shimizu said “I’ll think about it,” but she may be inclined to tag with Matsushita largely because the A~Min (Rina Amikura, fellow COLOR’S member) belongs to the trio of KISSmet Princess, so she’ll likely tag with wither Nao Ishikawa or Misa Kagura (JTO).

Today! Yokohama Ribbon (9/10) Radiant Hall

  • Tag Match (1/15): Asaki & Yuko Sakurai (COLOR’S) vs. Hikari Shimizu (COLOR’S) & Kaho Matsushita
  • Singles Match (1/15): Mayu Yukihi vs. Misa Kagura (JTO)
  • Tag Match (1/20): Ram Kaicho (Triple Six) & Maika Ozaki vs. Sumika Yanagawa (JTO) & Saran
  • Tag Match (1/20): Dalys (CMLL) & Totoro Satsuki vs. Rina Yamashita & Tae Honma
  • Tag Match (1/20): Makoto & Hamuko Hoshi vs. Cherry & A~Min (Rina Amikura; COLOR’S)
  • Main Event Tag Match (1/30): Saori Anou & SAKI (COLOR’S) vs. Stephanie Vaquer (CMLL) & Nao Ishikawa

NEW! Ibuki Hoshi to Hokuto Pro (Hokkaido, Japan) – She participated in a series of matches between September 8th-11th. All matches are against Hokuto Pro’s Ami Kanda for one fall with a FORTY-FIVE minute time limit

  • Singles Match: (9/8) vs. Ami Kanda (1/45)
  • Singles Match: (9/9) vs. Ami Kanda (1/45)
  • This Weekend: Singles Match (9/10) vs. Ami Kanda (1/45)
  • This Weekend: Singles Match (9/11) vs. Ami Kanda (1/45)

Coming Soon! Ribbon Warriors 2022 (9/24) Korakuen Hall – Full Card TBA

  • ICE x Infinity Championship Match: Saori Anou © vs. Stephanie Vaquer (CMLL)
  • International Ribbon Tag Championship: Makoto & Hamuko Hoshi © vs. Ibuki Hoshi & Hikaru Shida

Coming Soon! IR x CMLL at Festival Mexicana (9/25) – check the CMLL Lady’s Ring section above for complete details! – Full Card TBA

  • CMLL Japan Women’s Championship: Dalys © vs. Tae Honma

Princess Party TEN (9/14) Ice Ribbon Dojo – The Princess Party series are entertainment fusion shows with live performances and wrestling all rolled into one! Think music festival meets wrestling show. All shows are at the Ice Ribbon Dojo unless otherwise indicated.

  • Musical Guests: Hyper Yoyo & Asukyo – check out their YouTube channels for music videos!
  • Tag Match (1/15): CMLL (Dalys & Stephanie Vaquer) vs. Yuko Sakurai (COLOR’S) & Misa Kagura (JTO)
  • Tag Match (1/20): Asahi & Sumika Yanagawa (JTO) vs. Nao Ishikawa & A~Min (Rina Amikura; COLOR’S)
  • Princess Party #11 (9/28)
  • Princess Party #12 (10/12)
  • Princess Party #13 (10/26)
  • Super Princess’ Party (11/5&6) Tokyo Dome City

ICE RIBBON 2022 Schedule – Full schedule through RibbonMania (December 31, 2022)

  • IR 1228 (9/17) SKIP CITY
  • IR 1229 (9/18)
  • IR (9/24) Korakuen Hall
  • IR x CMLL at Festival Mexicana (9/25) Odaiba


This Week! TAKA Michinoku 30th Anniversary Show x TakaTaichiDespy Mania (9/12; Available on NJPW World as a separately ticketed iPPV)

  • 6-Man Tag Match: JUST TAP OUT (Ren Ayabe, Fire Katsumi & Ryuya Takekura) vs.Yasu Urano, & Yuji HinoIsami Kodaka (BASARA) &
  • 6-Man Tag Match: Minoru Suzuki, Yoshinobu Kanemaru & DOUKI (NJPW) vs. Hikaru Sato, Hideki “Shrek” Sekine & One JTO Representative
  • 6-Woman Tag Match: Misa Kagura, rhythm & Sumika Yanagawa (JTO) vs. Yu Yamagata (JTO), Hibiscus Mii & YuuRi (GanPro)
  • Women’s Tag Match: Team JTO (Tomoka Inaba & Aoi) vs. Stardom (Maika and MIRAI) – This match just got an added layer of interest with Tomoka recently aligning herself with God’s Eye, but also being Maika’s successor in JTO.
  • 6-Man Tag Match: Taka Michinoku (JTO), CIMA & Kaz Hayashi (GLEAT) vs. The Great Sasuke (Michinoku Pro), Gedo & Dick Togo (NJPW)
  • Tag Match: Yoshitatsu (AJPW) & Tachi (NJPW) vs. Hirooki Goto & Ryusuke Taguchi (NJPW)
  • Main Event: El Desperado (NJPW) vs. Jun Kasai (FREEDOMS)

Preliminary Thoughts – I have been more excited about the JTO vs. STARDOM match, more so than another match on the card. When Giulia arrived in JTO shortly after storming into Stardom, Maika was the first ally she scouted for Donna del Mondo. When Maika departed JTO, she took her teacher’s blessing and his Michinoku Driver II along with her. Although Maika returned in summer 2020 for the JTO anniversary show, where she lost to Inaba, this was shortly after her full-time shift to Stardom. Maika’s history with TTM goes back to TakaTaichiMania II May 7, 2019– when she debuted in JTO! With Inaba aligning herself with God’s Eye at the most recent New Blood (4) show, I am curious to see how she and MIRAI battle in this match. There has been no official word on IF Inaba’s declaration to join God’s Eye is signaling a departure from JTO, but we may know more by the end of TTDM!

Hokkaido Homecoming for Team A.O.I. Results (9/3) Hokkaido

  • Singles Match (1/15): Yuu Yamagata defeated rhythm (7:32) with a facelock
  • Tag Match (1/30): Aoi & Tomoka Inaba defeated Misa Kagura & Sumika Yanagawa (20:52) – with Aoi pinning Misa Kagura
  • 6-Woman Tag Match: Yuu Yamagata, Tsubasa Kuragaki & Chikayo Nagashima vs. Yuu, Bambi & Makoto
  • JTO Tag Match: Ryuya Takekura & Ren Ayabe vs. Fire Katsumi & Genta Yubari
  • JTO Singles Match: TAKA Michinoku vs. Akira Jumonji
  • Tag Match: Mari Manji & Ayame Sasamura (2AW) vs. Yuuri & Yuna Manase (GanPro)
  • JTO Girls’ 6-Woman Tag Match: Yuu Yamagata, Sumika Yanagawa & MIsa Kagura vs. rhythm, Aoi & Tomoka Inaba


Leo Izaka’s Triumphant Return in Tochigi (9/4) Oyama Cultural Center – No Results Reported

  • Singles Match (1/15): YAKO vs. Ancham
  • Singles Match (1/15): Tomoko Watanabe vs. Kyusei Sakura Hirota
  • Singles Match (1/15): Ai Houzan vs. Miyako Matsumoto
  • Semi-Main Tag Match (1/20): Maria & Takumi Iroha vs. Rin Kadokura & Mio Momono
  • Main Event Tag Match (1/20): Leo Isaka & Shoji Ohno vs. TA☆KU & Takahiro Katori
  • Singles Match (1/15): Leo Izaka vs. Kyoya Okazaki
  • 3- Way Match (1/15): Tomoko Watanabe vs. ASUKA vs. Yuko Sakurai (COLOR’S)
  • Semi-Final (1/20): Yuna Manase (GanPro) & Ai Houzan vs. Maria & Hikari Shimizu (COLOR’S)
  • Main Event Tag Match (1/20): Takumi Iroha & Chikayo Nagashima vs. Mio Momono & Rin Kadokura

Marvelous 2022 Calendar

  • ShinKiba 1st Ring (9/16)
  • Chiba (9/23) TKP Garden City
  • Osaka (10/14) Azalea Taisho Hall
  • Aichi (10/15) Kariya City Aioi Hall
  • ShinKiba 1st Ring (10/25)
  • Korakuen Hall (12/04)

Upcoming Appearances:

  • YMZ (9/28) ShinKiba 1st Ring – Takumi Iroha, Rin Kadokura & Leo Isaka vs. Kaori Yoneyama, Makoto with Matsuzawa-san, & Hikaru Sato

New Japan Pro-Wrestling

In last week’s Dream Slam Weekly, NJPW joined the class roster with all the intricate details on the IWGP Women’s Championship and the first batch of match announcements for Historic X-Over (Crossover) in November. Additionally, the announcement that Stardom would make good on Kidani’s strategy to begin dispatching Stardom talent on the international shows with NJPW. October’s Rumble on 44th Street (10/28) will have the first glimpse of Stardom since the G1 Supercard at Madison Square Garden in April 2019.

  • Mixed Tag Match: Syuri & Tom Lawlor vs. Giulia & Zack Sabre, Jr.
  • Mixed Tag Match: Maika & Hirooki Goto vs. Utami Hayashishita & Hiroshi Tanahashi
  • 8-Person Tag Match: Tam Nakano, Natsupoi, Taichi & Yoshinobu Kanemaru vs. Starlight Kid, Momo Watanabe, El Desperado & DOUKI
  • IWGP Women’s Championship: Winner Stardom Bracket vs Winner International Bracket

IWGP Women’s Championship Tournament – IWGP Stardom JPN* Bracket (10/22): Based upon performances in their 2022 5★GP; representatives will be selected from STARS, Queen’s Quest, Donna del Mondo and OedoTai

  • First Round: Royal Quest 2 (10/2) – International Bracket Alpha Female vs. Ava White (RPUK)
  • First Round: Stardom JPN* Bracket (10/22) Korakuen Hall – X1 vs X2
  • First Round: Stardom JPN* Bracket (10/22) Korakuen Hall – X3 vs X4
  • Semi-Finals: International Bracket (10/23) Arena Tachikawa – Winner Alpha/Ava vs X3
  • Semi-Finals: Stardom JPN Bracket (10/23) Arena Tachikawa – Winner X1/X2 vs. Winner X3/X4
  • Finals: Historic X-Over (11/20) Ariake Arena
  • Wrestle Kingdom 17 (1/4/23) Inaugural Champion’s First Defense

International Tour Stops

  • Rumble on 44th Street (10/28) Palladium Times Square – Stardom talent to be featured on the program, but no names announced yet. (video)

OZ Academy

This Weekend! Bad Moon Rising (9/11) Shinjuku FACE

  • Singles Match (1/20): AKINO vs. Ram Kaicho (Triple Six)
  • Tag Match (1/30): Aja Kong/Kaori Yoneyama vs. Tsubasa Kuragaki/Momoka Hanazono
  • 8-Woman Tag Match (3/30): Yuu, Kakeru Sekiguchi, Itski Aoki & Rina Amikura vs. OZAKI-GUN (Mayumi Ozaki, Yumi Ohka, Maya Yukihi & Saori Anou)
  • Main Event Tag Team Championship: Hiroyo Matsumoto/Rina Yamashita vs. Sonoko Kato/Ryo Mizunami

OZ Academy 2022 Calendar

  • Bad Moon Rising Osaka (9/18) 176BOX
  • Battle Big Bonus in Okinawa (10/16)
  • Nagoya Diamond Hall (11/27)
  • Bad Moon Rising Osaka (12/11) 176BOX


UPDATE! Prominence released the match card for their next stand-alone, deathmatch show, the weekend before the finals of the Stardom’s Five Star Grand Prix. Currently, Risa Sera & Suzu Suzuki are participating as debutantes in the largest women’s tournament of the summer.

  • Singles Match: Miyako Matsumoto vs. Risa Fera
  • Tag Match: Kaori Yoneyama & Yuu vs. Kurumi Hiiragi & Mochi Natsumi
  • 3-Way Match: Akane Fujita vs. Choun Shiryu vs. Toshiyuki Sakuda
  • Tag Match: Ikuta Hidaka & Itsuki Aoki vs. Risa Sera & Orca Uto
  • Suzu Suzuki’s Ten Deathmatch Series: Match 3/10: Suzu Suzuki vs Tomoya Hirata (FREEDOMS)


  • Tag Match (1/20): Aiger & Kaori Yoneyama defeated Chie Ozora & Rico Kaiju (8:35) with Aiger pinning Rico after a lariat
  • Tag Match (1/20): Leon & Cherry defeated KAZUKI & Momo Tani (14:01)
  • Singles Match (1/20): Ryo Mizunami defeated Hanako Nakamori (11:49) with Hot Limit
  • POP Championship (1/30): CREA © defeated Yuko Sakurai (COLOR’S) (11:51) with a Tiger Suplex; the 26th Champion’s first successful defense
  • PURE-J Openweight Championship Number One Contender (1/NTL): AKARI defeated Rydeen Hagane (11:07) with Chocolate Croquette; AKARI is now the number one contender & will challenge Yuu on 9/23 for the PURE-J Openweight Championship (at Itabashi Green Hall)

Sunday! Special Show #63 (9/11) Kame Dojo Arena

  • BONUS: Command Bolshoi Live Show!
  • Singles Match (1/15): Leon vs. KAZUKI* (Chie Ozora was removed due to injury)
  • Singles Match (1/20): Rydeen Hagane vs. CREA
  • Tag Match (1/20): KAZUKI & Momo Tani vs. Hanako Nakamori & AKARI

Itabashi Green Hall (9/23)

  • PURE-J Openweight Championship: Yuu © vs. AKARI


  • NEW! High Speed 3-Way Match (1/20): Kakeru Sekiguchi vs. Mei Suruga (Gatoh Move) vs. Riko Kawahata (T-HEARTS) featuring High Speed Referee Natsuki Taiyo
  • SEAdLINNNG BEYOND THE SEA Tag Championship (1/30): ASUKA & Makoto vs. Ayame Sasakura & Rico Kaiju – this ALL Las Fresa de Egoistas battle will definitely be one to watch! This will be the 11th Champions third defense. Or the crowning of the 12th Tag Champions!
  • Announced Participants: Amazon, Hiroyo Matsumoto, Yuu and more!

SEAdLINNNG 2022 Calendar

  • October Fist! (10/19) Korakuen Hall
  • Yokohama Flash 2022 (11/12) Yokohama Radiant Hall
  • SEAdLINNNG of the Year 2022 (12/28) Korakuen Hall

Sendai Girls

激闘の王座戦後…3#仙女 #sendaigirlspro pic.twitter.com/JhMW5laVdA

— センダイガ-ルズプロレスリング-SENDAI GIRLS PROWRESTLING- (@senjo2006) September 3, 2022

Dash Chisako & Hiroyo Matsumoto (Reiwa ULTEMA Powers) issue the challenge to TEAM 200KG (Hashimoto & Yuu) for October 10th in the spirit of Sports’ Day (Taiiku no Hi; a national holiday in Japan). Typically in autumn, schools across the country celebrate Sports’ Day (or the dates surrounding it) with sports festivals and field days.

Results: Summer Heat (9/3) ShinKiba 1st Ring

  • Singles Match (1/15): Dash Chisako defeated Ayame Sasamura (2AW) (12:20) with Excalibur
  • Tag Match (1/15): Hiroyo Matsumoto & Dalys* (CMLL) defeated Manami & Stephanie Vaquer* (CMLL) (12:41) – Dalys pinned Manami after a shift down powerbomb; *I had the partners reversed in last week’s report
  • Tag Match (1/20): ASUKA & YUU defeated Mika Iwata & Miyuki Takase (15:29) with ASUKA Fantasy on Iwata
  • Main Event SenJo World Championship (1/30): Chihiro Hashimoto © defeated Ryo Mizunami (16:25)– with Albright; the Tenth Champion’s fifth successful title defense

Show Progress Report

  • Vocal Cheering Permitted! I don’t know if it’s a permanent change, or determined by the venue, but I was happy to hear some audience reactions!
  • CMLL’s Stephanie Vaquer & Dalys Participate: I am glad that both women are getting to experience different promotions while they are in Japan. Though the bulk of their stay was with Ice Ribbon, the CMLL Japan Lady’s Ring has afforded additional opportunities for them to compete!
  • Hard Hitting EVERYTHING: I don’t think there is a single match I would or could possibly skip on this show. You can see Satomura’s influence on SenJo in all the best possible ways!
  • Chihiro Hashimoto (post-match): “I am a double champion and I want to treat both championships with equal respect. Since I’ve just defended (the SenJo World Championship), I want to defend the tag championship next.”

Today! Betsuin Festival (9/10) – Kanazawa Station Front Shopping Center

  • Singles Match: Dash Chisako vs. Manami
  • Singles Match: Yumi Ohka vs. COHAKU
  • Tag Match: Kyoko Inoue & Chihiro Hashimoto vs. Mika Iwata & Miyuki Takase
    • Singles Match: Miyuki Takase vs. Momo Tani
    • Tag Match: Hiroyo Matsumoto & Manami vs. Saori Anou & Ayame Sasamura
    • Singles Match: Mika Iwata vs. ASUKA
    • Tag Match: Team 200 KG (Chihiro Hashimoto & Yuu) vs. Dash Chisako & Ryu Mizunami

    SenJo 2022 Calendar

    • SenJo (9/14) Miyagino Ward Cultural Center
    • SenJo x Punch Tahara’s 30th Anniversary Show (9/20) Shinjuku FACE
    • SenJo Keep Burning (10/10) Shinjuku FACE
    • Women’s Pro-Wrestling BIG SHOW in Niigata (10/30) Niigata City Gymnasium
    • SenJo Queen of the Ring (11/20) Korakuen Hall 11:30AM


    5★STAR GP 2022 Results: Kagawa (9/3)

    • 4-Way Battle: Momo Kohgo defeated Waka Tsukiyama, MIRAI & Natsupoi (8:37) – Momo pinned Waka after La Magistral
    • Tag Match: Hazuki & Saya Iida defeated Ruaka & Momo Watanabe (7:57) – Hazuki pinned Ruaka after a diving senton
    • 5★STAR GP 2022 Red Stars (1/15): Mai Sakurai (8:13) with MPR
    • 5★STAR GP 2022 Blue Stars (1/15): Starlight Kid – with the Momo Clutch
    • 5★STAR GP 2022 Red Stars (1/15): Saki Kashima (6:18) – with Kishikaisei
    • 5★STAR GP 2022 Blue Stars (1/15): Giulia – with a back body drop/pin combo
    • 5★STAR GP 2022 Red Stars (1/15): Maika (14:28) – with a Michinoku Driver II
    • 5★STAR GP 2022 Blue Stars (1/15): Saya Kamitani (9:26) – with a Frankensteiner/pin combo

    5★STAR GP 2022 Results: Hiroshima (9/4)

    • 5★STAR GP 2022 Red Stars (1/15): Momo Kohgo (5:35) with La Magistral
    • 5★STAR GP 2022 Blue Stars (1/15): Saya Kamitani
    • 3-Way Tag Match (1/15): Giulia & Mai Sakurai defeated Mina Shirakawa & Waka Tsukiyama vs. Starlight Kid & Ruaka (7:59) with Sakurai pinning Tsukiyama after a Shining Buster
    • 5★STAR GP 2022 Blue Stars (1/15): Ami Sohrei (10:36) with Thunder Clap
    • 5★STAR GP 2022 Blue Stars (1/15): MIRAI with a Lariat
    • 5★STAR GP 2022 Red Stars (1/15): Tam Nakano with Violet Screwdriver
    • 5★STAR GP 2022 Blue Stars (1/15): Natsupoi (7:21) with La Magistral
    • 5★STAR GP 2022 Red Stars (1/15): Syuri with Byakko (White Tiger)

    5★GP22 Red Stars Block Points – as of 9/4/22

    • Koguma – Next Match (9/18) vs. Unagi Sayaka & (9/19) Risa Sera
    • Momo Kohgo – Next Match (9/12) vs. Syuri & (9/19) Tam Nakano
    • Utami Hayashishita – Next Match (9/11) vs. AZM & (9/12) vs. Mai Sakurai
    • AZM – Next Match (9/11) vs. Utami Hayashishita & (9/12) vs. Risa Sera
    • Tam Nakano – Next Match (9/12) vs. Unagi Sayaka & (9/18) vs. Risa Sera
    • Unagi Sayaka – Next Match (9/11) vs. Risa Sera & (9/12) vs. Tam Nakano
    • Maika – Next Match (9/17) vs. Unagi Sayaka & (9/19) vs. Mai Sakurai
    • Himeka – Next Match (9/11) vs. SAKI & (9/24) vs. Unagi Sayaka
    • Mai Sakurai – Next Match (9/12) vs. Utami Hayashishita & (9/17) Risa Sera
    • Syuri – Next Match (9/12) vs. Momo Kohgo & (9/17) vs. SAKI
    • Saki Kashima – Next Matches (9/12) vs. SAKI & (9/17) vs. Utami Hayashishita
    • Risa Sera – Next Match (9/11) vs. Unagi Sayaka & (9/12) vs. AZM
    • SAKI – Next Match (9/11) vs. Himeka & (9/12) vs. Saki Kashima

    5★GP22 Blue Stars Block Points – as of 9/4/22

    • Mayu Iwatani – Next Match (9/11) vs. Giulia & (9/12) Suzu Suzuki
    • HazukiNext Match (9/12) vs. Saya Iida & (9/23) Mayu Iwatani
    • Saya Iida – Next Match (9/12) vs. Hazuki & (9/17) vs. Suzu Suzuki
    • HananNext Match (9/12) vs. Natsupoi & (9/23) vs. Suzu Suzuki
    • Saya Kamitani – Next Match (9/11) vs. Suzu Suzuki & (9/18) vs. MIRAI
    • Natsupoi – Next Match (9/12) vs. Hanan & (9/17) vs. Starlight Kid
    • Mina Shirakawa – Next Match (9/12) vs. Ami Sohrei vs. (9/17) MIRAI
    • Giulia – Next Match (9/11) vs. Mayu Iwatani & (9/18) Ami Sohrei
    • MIRAI – Next Match (9/17) vs. Mina Shirakawa & (9/18) vs. Saya Kamitani
    • Ami Sohrei – Next Match (9/12) vs. Mina Shirakawa & (9/18) Giulia
    • Momo Watanabe – Next Match (9/18) vs. Suzu Suzuki & (9/23) Giulia
    • Starlight Kid – Next Match (9/17) Natsupoi & (9/18) Mina Shirakawa
    • Suzu Suzuki – Next Match (9/11) vs. Saya Kamitani & (9/12) vs. Mayu Iwatani

    Title Watch Progress Report – Here is a list of potential contenders based upon losses dropped during this year’s 5★GP. These could be possible matchups on the road to the end of the year. (as of 9/3/22)

    • Future of Stardom* (Hanan ©; STARS) – While Hanan has lost every one of her league matches so far, most of the competitors have more than 3 years of experience. Ami Sohrei is Hanan’s next challenger at New Blood 5. Other potential challengers could be MIRAI and Suzu Suzuki (around 3 years experience and under 25), but MIRAI won the 2022 Cinderella Tournament and Suzu could be poised to challenge other champions depending on the rest of her tournament.
    • High Speed Championship (AZM ©; Queen’s Quest) – Maika, Syuri
    • Artists of Stardom (Saki Kashima ©; OedoTai) – Koguma, Unagi Sayaka, Himeka, Ami Sohrei
    • Artists of Stardom (Starlight Kid ©; OedoTai) – Hazuki, Giulia
    • Artists of Stardom (Momo Watanabe ©; OedoTai) – Saya Iida, Saya Kamitani, Ami Sohrei – Shirakawa already used her challenge with SAKI and Unagi Sayaka last month in Nagoya
    • Goddesses of Stardom (Tam Nakano ©; Cosmic Angels) – AZM
    • Goddesses of Stardom (Natsupoi ©; Cosmic Angels) – Hazuki, Saya Kamitani, Giulia, Momo Watanabe
    • Wonder of Stardom (Saya Kamitani ©; Queen’s Quest) – Starlight Kid
    • World of Stardom (Syuri ©; God’ Eye) – Koguma, Utami, Saki Kashima, Maika
  • Tag Match: God’s Eye (Syuri & Tomoka Inaba) vs. Cosmic Angels (Mina Shirakawa & Waka Tsukiyama)
  • 5★GP22 Red (1/15): Utami Hayashishita
  • 5★GP22 Red (1/15): Himeka
  • 5★GP22 Red (1/15): Unagi Sayaka
  • 5★GP22 Blue (1/15): Mayu Iwatani
  • 5★GP22 Blue (1/15): Saya Kamitani
  • Artists of Stardom Championship (1/30): OedoTai (Saki Kashima, Starlight Kid & Momo Watanabe) vs. STARS (Hazuki, Koguma & Hanan)
  • Goddesses of Stardom Championship (1/30): Cosmic Angels (Tam Nakano & Natsupoi) © vs. God’s Eye (MIRAI & Ami Sohrei)

    • Mayu Iwatani Biopic Update! The five finalists for the casting of the lead role in the Mayu Iwatani biopic will be announced at the Yokohama Budokan show! The candidates will also be presented in ring at the show for evaluation!
    • Stardom has changed their policy on gift giving/fan letters. (Press Release) Stardom will no longer accept anything aside from letters addressed to the wrestlers that are mailed directly to the Stardom Offices.
      • There will seemingly no longer be any reception at the venues. Fans are not to send anything aside from letters. Any presents will be marked returned to the sender and the sender will be charged any return shipping costs. Additionally, any letters or items that the company deems ‘inappropriate’ by staff will be returned. Staff will not be able to confirm receipt of mailing items.
      • Fans are discouraged from contacting talent directly as well. This will likely include waiting outside venues to greet wrestlers as they arrive and depart venues.
      • There has not been any detailed information as to why the sudden change of policy either.
        • If you wish to send a letter to your favorite Stardom wrestler please use the following address: (Name of Individual Here), Sumitomo Nakano Sakaue Bldg. 4F, 1-38-1 Chuo, Nakano-ku, Tokyo 164-0011 JAPAN

    This Week! Korakuen Hall (9/12) – 9/17 DSW

    • Tag Match: Queen’s Quest (Lady C & Hina) vs. OedoTai (Rina & Fukigen Death)
    • 5★GP22 Red (1/15): Utami Hayashishita
    • 5★GP22 Blue (1/15): Mayu Iwatani
    • 5★GP22 Red (1/15): Syuri
    • 5★GP22 Blue (1/15): Hazuki
    • 5★GP22 Red (1/15): Tam Nakano
    • 5★GP22 Blue (1/15): Natsupoi
    • 5★GP22 Red (1/15): AZM
    • 5★GP22 Blue (1/15): Mina Shirakawa
    • 5★GP22 Red (1/15): Saki Kashima

    Stardom in Showcase 2 (9/25) Belle Salle Hall, Takadanobaba, Tokyo

    • Hardcore Tag Match: Rina Yamashita & Giulia vs. Starlight Kid & Momo Watanabe
    • NEW! Cosmic Rules II End of Summer 3-Way Tag: Tam Nakano 7 Natsupoi vs. Mina Shirakawa & Unagi Sayaka vs. SAKI & Hikari Shimizu (COLOR’S)
    • UPDATE! Falls Count Anywhere Match: AZM vs. Ram Kaichou vs. Mayu Iwatani vs. Maika
    • 5★STAR GP 2022 Blue Stars (1/15): Suzu Suzuki
    • 5★STAR GP 2022 Blue Stars (1/15): Saya Iida
    • Physique Challenge: Giulia vs. Mai Sakurai vs. Saya Iida – with Fan Voting!
    • Additional matches to be announced at later dates.

    September 2022 5★GP22 Schedule – Results in Dream Slam Weekly

    • Osaka (9/17-18) – 9/24 DSW
    • Nagoya (9/19) – 9/24 DSW
    • Korakuen Hall (9/23) – 9/24 DSW
    • Tokyo Bell Salle Hall (9/24-25) – 10/1 DSW

    Stardom 2022 Calendar

    • Stardom in Showcase 2 (9/25) – Tokyo Belle Salle Hall; Results in 10/1 Dream Slam Weekly
    • 5★GP22 Finals (10/1) – Musashino Forest Sports Center -> Full Event Report!
    • New Blood 5 (10/19) – Shinjuku Sumitomo Hall – Results in 10/22 Dream Slam Weekly
    • Hiroshima Goddess Festival (11/3) – Hiroshima Sun Plaza
    • Stardom Gold Rush 2022 (11/19) – Osaka Edion Arena
    • STARDOM x NJPW (11/20) – Ariake Arena -> Full Event Report!

    Tokyo Joshi Pro-Wrestling

    “Yuki, you aren’t alone.” Akai & Arai celebrate their first successful Princess Tag Defense! © TJPW

    Saturday Show (9/3) Results – *Now available on Wrestle Universe

    • Singles Match: Yuki Aino defeated Moka Miyamoto (9:29) – with a Venus DDT/pin combo
    • Tag Match: Rika Tatsumi & Miu Watanabe defeated Suzume & Neko Haruna (15:10) – Rika pinned Haruna after a Twist of Fate
    • Tag Match: Yuki Kamifuku & Mahiro Kiryu defeated Shoko Nakajima & Arisu Endo (13:34) – Mahiro used Enryo on Arisu
    • Two-Count Fall Singles Match: Nao Kakuta defeated Hyper Misao (10:03) – loser had to drink a shot of a VERY tart lemon juice as a penalty
    • 6-Woman Tag Match: Miyu Yamashita, Maki Itoh & Raku defeated Yuka Sakazaki, Mizuki & Pom Harajuku (16:27) – Raku pinned Pom after Yellow Taxi; This was Raku’s first post-match in-ring victory address by scoring the winning pin!

    Sunday Show (9/4) Results – Live stream on Wrestle Universe!

    First two matches were streamed live on YouTube for Free!
    • Singles Match (1/15): Maki Itoh defeated Arisu Endo (9:32) with Itoh Punish
    • 3- Way Match (1/20): Yuki Aino defeated Neko Haruna & Nao Kakuta (6:52) with a Venus DDT on Haruna
    • Singles Match (1/15): Hikari Noa defeated Moka Miyamoto (6:47) with a Blizzard Suplex
    • Tag Match (1/20): Shoko Nakajima & Hyper Misao defeated Miyu Yamashita & Raku (9:11) with Shoko pinning Raku with a Northlights Suplex
    • 6-Woman Tag Match: Rika Tatsumi, Miu Watanabe & Suzume defeated Yuka Sakazaki, Mizuki & Harajuku Pom (12:48) with Miu pinning Pom with Teardrop
    • Princess Tag Team Championship Match (1/30): Reiwa Double A Canon (Saki Akai & Yuki Arai) © defeated Yuki Kamifuku & Mahiro Kiryu (16:04) – with Arai pinning Kiryu after Finally; Tenth Champions’ First Defense

    SKE48 Mini-Live: With the first two matches being streamed free on YouTube, the SKE48 concert was the big surprise intermission before the remainder of the show on the Wrestle Stream. After the second match, Yuki Arai teamed up with her fellow SKE48 members for a short in-ring performance! This was Akai’s first performance with SKE48 in nine months, since seriously pursuing professional wrestling. They performed a four-song set with some of the girl group’s most popular songs “One-Sided Love (Kataomoi) Finally,” “Oki Doki,” “Stand by You,” & “Pareo is Your Emerald”.

    While I am not familiar with SKE48’s music, I could truly tell how wildly popular they were as the audience was singing along and chanting with every tune! As some of the songs are older ones, you may see former pop idol & wrestling fan girl Jurina Matsui in several of the videos, too! After the set, the members also chatted in the ring. They showered compliments on ring announcer Sayuri Nanba and Miu Watanabe, but the biggest surprise would shortly follow!

    Maki Itoh to SKE48?!?!: During the mi “You want me to sing and dance… with you all? The reason I got fired from being an idol is because I can’t sing or dance! That’s why even the thought of me singing and dancing with SKE48 on stage is IMPOSSIBLE.” Despite her protests, the audience and the members of SKE48 chanted her name until gave in, “Fine. FINE. …on September 25th, Maki Itoh will participate!!!”

    SKE48 14th Anniversary Show will be held on September 25th at Nagoya’s Nippon Gaishi Hall. SKE48 hails from Nagoya so this mini-live as well as the announcement of their big show at month’s end is huge!

    Show Progress Report

    Backstage Comment Note: After their successful Princess Tag Championship defense, the subject of The Uprising qualifying for a match at EVE’s 9/1 show and aiming for the tag champions was addressed. While no date has been set, Reiwa Double A Canon welcomes all challengers.

    Sunday! TJPW Inspiration (9/11) – ShinKiba 1st Ring

    • Singles Match: Pom Harajuku vs. Neko Haruna
    • Singles Match: Miyu Yamashita vs. Arisu Endo
    • Tag Match: Yuka Sakazaki & Mizuki vs. Pokotan & Demonio Uno
    • Tag Match: Shojko Nakajima & Moka Miyamoto vs. Dalys & Stephanie Vaquer (CMLL)

    Next Weekend! Autumn Tour ‘22 (9/16) – Shinjuku FACE

    • Tag Match: Shoko Nakajima & Arisu Endo vs. Yuka Sakazaki & Mizuki
    • 6-Woman Tag Match: Hikari Noa, Nao Kakuta & Kaya Toribami vs. Yuki Aino, Raku & Pom Harajuku
    • Singles Match: Rika Tatsumi vs. Mahiro Kiryu
    • Singles Match: Moka Miyamoto vs. TBA
    • 3-Way Match: Hyper Misao vs. Yuki Kamifuku vs. Neko Haruna
    • International Princess Championship Number One Contender: Miu Watanabe vs. Suzume
    • Due to international bookings Maki Itoh & Miyu Yamashita will be absent from this show.

    Wrestle Princess III (10/9) Tokyo Dome City Hall – Full Card TBA

    • NEW! Princess Tag Championships: Reiwa Double A Canon (Saki Akai & Yuki Arai) vs. The Uprising (EVE; Rhia O’Reilly & Nightshade) – The Champions’ second scheduled title defense
    • Princess of Princess Championship: Shoko Nakajima © vs. Yuka Sakazaki (2022 Princess Cup Winner)- The Champion’s fifth scheduled title defense
    • Announced Talent: Max The Impaler

    TJPW 2022 Calendar

    • TJPW Inspiration (9/11) – ShinKiba 1st Ring
    • Autumn Tour ‘22 (9/16) – Shinjuku FACE
    • Autumn Tour ‘22 (9/24) – Ryogoku KFC Hall
    • Wrestle Princess III: (10/9) Tokyo Dome City Hall -> Full Event Report!
    • Dream Pro-Wrestling Dream on the Ring (10/14) Shinjuku FACE* – The exhibition matches will be the participants final examination and TJPW talent are scheduled to participate. (LINK)
    • Autumn Tour ‘22 (10/21) – Fukushima
    • Play TJPW 7 (WRESTLE UNIVERSE MEMBERS ONLY! Special Show) (10/24) Kitazawa Town Hall
    • The Mountain Top 2022 (10/29) – Osaka Edion Arena
    • Autumn Tour ‘22 (11/6) – Ryogoku KFC Hall
    • Autumn Tour ‘22 (11/13) – Kyoto KBS Hall
    • Autumn Tour ‘22 (11/20) – Shinjuku FACE
    • All Rise ‘22 (11/27) – Korakuen Hall


    Medical Update: (9/9) On behalf of Nagisa Nozaki, WAVE announced that she had undergone surgery for a ruptured cruciate ligament in her left knee. The surgery was a success and Nozaki is resting.



    #野崎渚 pic.twitter.com/1QdLjM8wOq

    — プロレスリングWAVE公式 (@P_W_WAVE) September 9, 2022

    Next Shows: Detras de Lazona (vol. 5) (9/17) DIANA Dojo – Schedule TBA

    • Noise WAVE (1/15): Yumi Ohka vs. Itsuki Aoki
    • Power WAVE (1/15): Yuki Miyazaki vs. Rina Amikura
    • Gokigen WAVE (1/15): Kyusei Sakura Hirota vs. Kaori Yoneyama
    • Future WAVE (1/15): COHAKU vs. Hikari Shimizu (COLOR’S)

    WAVE 15th Anniversary: CARNIVAL WAVE WEST (9/18) Osaka 176BOX

    • Lucha WAVE (1/15): COHAKU vs. Dalys (CMLL)
    • Remember Toshi! YELL!! Men’s WAVE!? (1/20): Body Guard & Mikiya Sasaki vs. Naoki Tanizaki & Ryota Nakatsu
    • DUAL SHOCK WAVE ~ WAVE Tag Team Championship (1/23): SAKI & Hikari Shimizu vs. Miyuki Takase & Haruka Umesaki – Champion’s first title defense

    Upcoming Shows

    • NAMI 1 OCT ‘22 (10/1) Shinjuku FACE
    • SAPPORO WAVE NAMARA 8 (10/9)
    • ASAHIKAWA WAVE (10/10)
    • KARIYA WAVE vol. 2 (10/30)
    • TBA WAVE 11/6 Korakuen Hall
    • TBA WAVE 11/12 Osaka 176BOX

    Wild Ones Pro-Wrestling (10/1-2/22)

    • This format is akin to his previous Pirate Festivals, including his 30th Anniversary where he fought Kazuchika Okada to a thirty-minute time limit draw in the rain.
    • The two-day festival will include two wrestling shows, a motorcycle and car show, live music, a makers market and swap meet, live mural painting, food trucks, The Tricolors Mermaids (Yokohama Marinos Pro Baseball Team) Cheerleaders, traditional dance performances, various sports demos, and talk shows!
    • Musical Performances by IKURA & FUNKY STYLE (feat. Barry Sato from RATS & STAR), Reggae Splash (with NANJAMAN, Jr. Dee, CHOZEN LEE & RIO fr.KING LIFE STAR) on October 1st, and FlashBack 70’s with IKURA’s CAROL NITE, T.S. (Satoshi Ogura (Vocals), Dr.Tetsuhide Takano) and 4&9 Friend) and DJ Dainoji (Nobuhiko Ohtani & Yosuke Ohachi)
    • Venue: Shin Yokohama Park at Nissan Stadium

    Day One Card (10/1)

    • Loser Gives Up Their Ring Name Three Way Match: Kikutaro vs. Rocky Kawamura 2 vs. Kaji Tomato
    • New Yokohama Intergender Monster Battle: Daisuke Sekiguchi vs. Hiroyo Matsumoto
    • Wild One Special Tag Match: Minoru Suzuki & TAKA Michinoku vs. Hikaru Sato & Yuki Sakaguchi

    Day Two Card (10/2)

    • Special Singles Match: Kikutaro vs. Rocky Kawamura 2
    • Gatoh Move Special Tag Match: Mei Suruga & Baliyan Akki vs. Emi Sakura & Sayaka
    • Pro-Wrestling Wild One Special Three-Way Match: Minoru Suzuki vs. Hikaru Sato vs. Jun Kasai

    YMZ Gokigenna Wrestling!

    Gokigenna Kawasaki 24: YMZ vs. Fujita Wrestling School Showdown! (9/2) Results Post di Amistad, Kawasaki

    • Triple Threat: Makoto (YMZ) & Ayame Sasamura (FWS) defeated Yuma 24 (Yuma-gun) (10:31) – team work!
    • Singles Match: Kengo Mashimo with Matsuzawa-san (YMZ) vs. Aky (FWS) (7:31) – Double KO
    • Main Event: YMZ (Kaori Yoneyama, HIkaru Sato & Ayako Sato) vs. FWS (Minoru Fujita, Yasu Urano & Yuna Mizumori) (15:00) – Time Limit Draw

    Gokigenna Kawasaki 25 (9/17) Post di Amistad, Kawasaki

    • Tag Match: Kaori Yoneyama & Yuna Mizumori vs. Makoto & Matsuzawa-san
    • Singles Match: Hikaru Sato vs. Moeka Haruhi
    • Singles Match: Shino Hagane vs. Daiki Shimamura
    • Announced Participants: Chie Ozora (in a Best of Three Falls Match), Kaori Yoneyama

    Results: YMZ Autumn Festival 2022 (9/28) ShinKiba 1st Ring; Results Pending

    • Gokigenna Showdown! YMZ (Kaori Yoneyama, Hikaru Sato & Makoto with Matsuzawa-san) vs. Marvelous (Takumi Iroha, Rin Kadokura & Leo Izaka)
    • NEW! Singles Match: ASUKA vs. Haruka Umesaki (DIANA)
    • NEW! Tag Match: Kengo Mashimo & Shinno Hagane vs. Minoru Fujita vs. Yasu Urano
    • Announced Participants: Kakeru Sekiguchi, Yuna Mizumori, Chie Ozora, Tsubasa Kuragaki, Rina Yamashita, Yuu
    • Additional matches to be announced at a later date.

    YMZ 2022 Calendar

    Meanwhile in the WWE Universe

    Uncle Paul *multiple expletives deleted* did it. He took every single thing I loved about Black and Gold NXT and let various arcs and champions weave the match together. Multiple NXT Women’s Champions. Multiple Mae Young Classic Participants. Multiple Women’s Tag Champions. Indie Darlings. PC Originals. Names that made the Joshi sphere part of the modern wrestling conversation. Returns from injuries. Returns from release. Mentions of Iyo (as Io Shirao) & Asuka’s (as KANA) time together in Triple Tails with Iyo’s actual sister, Mio Shirai. Talking about Mexican wrestling. WHAT IS HAPPENING?!?!?!?!?!

    Triple Tails mention on WWE?!!? WHat time line are in we in?!

    — 👩🏼‍🏫🐺 Karen Peterson 🎙🎧 (she/her) (@heykarensensei) September 3, 2022

    I don’t normally post my own tweets here, but if you need more of my real time history fangirl meltdown in real time, enjoy my ode to this match. P.S. Shout out to the big boss for knowing I was having a complete meltdown during this match.

    A match like this… I might …oh stars… am I going to confess… that I might be back watching WWE again?! I didn’t care about who should win, I just got engrossed in the sort of WRESTLING I’ve wanted for the WWE Women’s Division for YEARS. Everyone looks healthy and happy and living their best life. I love women’s wrestling, y’all. Keep this momentum and energy for ALL of the Women’s matches, including NXT. Also, Wales, thank you for doing your all with serenading Bayley. She may be a heel now, but in the immortal words of legend Paula Abdul, she’s forever your girl.

    Result: Iyo Sky, Dakota Kai & Bayley defeated Alexa Bliss, Asuka & Bianca Belair – WWE’s Clash at the Castle (9/3) Cardiff, Wales UK

    • SmackDown Women’s Championship: Liv Morgan defeated Shayna Baszler.

    Report Card: Rose, Satomura & Davenport (NXT)

    I wanted to love this match, especially after riding the high from Clash at the Castle with the 6-Woman Tag and the SmackDown Women’s Championship matches, but unfortunately, parts of it fell a bit flat. Credit where credit is due, Blair Davenport brought the big match white gear, but in honor of Labor Day weekend, Mandy Rose had a slightly heavy handed *MURICA two-piece costume. I went into this match cautiously optimistic, but unfortunately, I didn’t leave it riding the high I had yesterday at CATC.

    Not gonna lie, that Rising Scorpion to break up Davenport pinning Rose, might have been my favorite spot in the entire match. While Mandy has improved significantly in recent years, I still left the match feeling like Satomura and Davenport did a significant part of the heavy lifting. With all the energy they’ve thrown into Davenport since her arrival in NXT UK in August 2021, I kept waiting for WWE to make her into the big deal they’ve teased her to be. It isn’t for lack of ability, Davenport is talented, but looking at her time in NXT UK, she’s challenged Satomura for the championship, had a street fight grudge match, and won two number one contender matches for the NXT UK Women’s Championship… and came up empty handed each time. Given all the NXT UK releases, and Davenport being one of the last women standing, now is the time for the company to start booking her like a champion. Compared to Rose, she’s an internationally decorated champion, much like Satomura, but she’s being booked like someone who recently entered the PC as a hot recruit.

    🙌🙌🙌#NXTWorldsCollide @satomurameiko pic.twitter.com/h2Nhmeyoq6

    — WWE NXT (@WWENXT) September 4, 2022

    The last time I remember streamers in an NXT/WWE ring was when Io Shirai won the NXT Women’s Championship in 2020. This opening alone felt more like a graduation send-off than her losing the actual match.

    Satomura dropping the championship makes sense because she’s shouldered it much longer than she should have. Much like Asuka, Kairi Sane and Io Shirai/IYO SKY, she was kept in NXT UK to help keep the show together while others were spirited away to the United States or released back into the market. Don’t get me wrong, I want nothing but the absolute best for Meiko Satomura, but she should have been called up to the “main roster” (RAW and/or SmackDown) ages ago. Just thinking about Satomura against Asuka, Io, Shayna Bazsler, Bayley, Becky & Charlotte for starters… that’s just piles upon piles upon piles of money. I guess it all depends on if a US arc of Satomura’s journey is next, or if she goes full Minoru Suzuki, making her an international Queen of the Indies.

    I’ve always understood, but also disagreed with the Mandy Rose return to NXT and her consistently being champion. With the 2.0 reset, NXT has no longer been an equal third brand to Raw and Smackdown, and that is something very hard for me to say openly as a long-time, diehard, black-and-gold bleeding, “Full Sail Crowd are the WORST” NXT Fan. Unlike Charlotte’s brief return pre-pandemic and her feud with Rhea Ripley to help elevate the division, Mandy’s return felt more like “we have nothing for you on Raw & SD, despite you being there long enough to have become champion because we have too many people that need protecting in the Championship picture.”

    I KNOW returning was her choice, but it’s also been a bit of a detriment to the women who have stayed in NXT or are in greater need. However, at what point does Rose go back to the fray of the main roster? I want Mandy to succeed, but her extended residence in NXT feels like a step back for her instead of a step forward. Before anyone comes for me, know that I saw ALL of Mandy’s time in NXT, not just in Full Sail, but on the Florida Loop house shows. I’ve seen her progress, improve and she was one of the ones I was happy to finally see debut on main because she fought a long battle to get there.

    Result: NXT Women’s Championship Unification Match: Mandy Rose defeated Meiko Satomura vs. Blair Davenport – Rose pinning Davenport after Kiss from a Rose. Rose is now the unified NXT Women’s Champion (13:18) NXT’s Worlds Collide (9/4) Orlando, FL

    • NXT Women’s Championship Match: Katana Chance & Kayden Carter © defeated Doudrop & Nikki ASH (10:20) – Given Doudrop and Nikki are on Raw & SmackDown, there should have been a different outcome to this match, especially after Ricochet’s match with Carmelo Hayes also ended in a main roster talent losing after involvement from the outside. Honestly, I would have taken a No Contest finish, but also not have this match placed IMMEDIATELY after the only OTHER Women’s Match on the card.

    P.S. Overall, this NXT Worlds Collide show felt more like NXT absorbing NXT UK. Not just in this match, but in many of the others on the show, the UK talent did a lot of heavy lifting in the ring and there were lots of tropes employed to protect the NXT USA Champions. It felt a bit unfair given the retained talent from NXT UK, who often outclassed the NXT USA-side champions. My hope is that the NXT UK Champions who lost are getting those call-ups, and those who aren’t will get the rockets strapped to them in NXT Orlando.

    Bottom line: I want more for everyone. I want everyone to succeed. I want NXT to discover its Renaissance.

    Meanwhile in the AEW Realm

    AEW ALL OUT 2022 AEW Interim Women's World Championship graphic. Left to right: Toni Storm vs. Britt Baker vs. Jamie Hayter vs. Hikaru Shida.

    Report Card: Interim AEW Women’s World Championship (AEW)

    Before I dive in… *ahem* I have to get something off my chest.

    In less than six months, AEW has had both of the top champions vacate championships due to injury. While I understand the reasoning and somewhat necessity of the interim status, personally, it feels like a great big asterisk next to the winner’s name. You’re champion… sort of… for now… which I feel is a little unfair to the individual who will shoulder the championship while the current champion is on the mend. That isn’t a slight to Thunder Rosa because I felt the same way earlier this year when CM Punk had to vacate the championship, which led to Moxley/Tanahashi at Forbidden Door.

    It doesn’t diminish the current champion’s reign to vacate a title because they’re putting the needs of the division before themselves. I say this because I want AEW to begin strengthening its women’s division. The talent is there, but an interim champion just makes it feel like a smashing of the pause button, freezing everything going on, which isn’t fair to everyone who is available and can continue elevating the division, not just the title, in her absence. I wish Thunder a healthy and speedy recovery, and I can’t wait for her to be back!

    The plan was Thunder Rosa vs. Toni Storm, but due to Rosa’s injury, a Fatal Four Way with two previous champions in Baker and Shida and two standouts deserving of the brightest spotlights with Hayter and Storm. It was my sincere hope that would push Jamie or Toni, instead of going back to old reliables Shida & Baker. The match was good and it had time, but there are parts of the match where it appeared everyone was overthinking it, which felt odd for four very proficient and technically sound wrestlers.

    I understand the necessity of the beatdown of Shida on the main stage, largely because it is a final display of solidarity between Baker and Hayter, as well as a chance to protect Shida by the match’s end. Shida would later rally and return with not one but two kendo practice sticks, shaking off staff on her way back into the match. My gut told me that loyalty would go out the window the moment Hayter had the advantage. Baker pulled the referee out of the ring as Hayter attempted to cover, only to pseudo-apologize and then immediately try to capitalize on her fallen frenemy.

    Toni covers Hayter and becomes the AEW Interim Women’s World Champion. With Thunder out for an indeterminate amount of time, I still stand by my feelings that Toni shouldn’t have Interim on her title reign. With AEW’s love for Eliminator Matches, La Mera Mera could easily just step in, invoking champion’s rights due to the nature of her title drop.

    Result: Interim AEW Women’s World Championship: Toni Storm defeated Dr. Britt Baker, DMD vs. Jamie Hayter vs. Hikaru Shida (14:50) – with Storm pinning Hayter to become the new Interim AEW Women’s World ChampionAEW ALL OUT (9/4) Chicago, IL

    • TBS Women’s Championship: Jade Cargill defeated Athena (4:40)
    • AAA World Mixed Tag Championship: Tay Melo & Sammy Guevara defeat Ruby Soho & Ortiz (7:22) – ZERO HOUR (Pre-Show)

    AEW TV/YouTube Results

    Emi Sakura & Baliyan Akki challenge Ortiz & Soho
    • Last Week: AEW ALL OUT Special: Ortiz & Ruby Soho defeated Emi Sakura & Bayian Akki (2:20) (AEW Dark Elevation Special; Aired 9/3/22; VIDEO)
    • Soon: Athena vs. Emi Sakura; Hikaru Shida vs. Christina Marie (AEW Dark Elevation #80; taped 9/7/22 in Buffalo, NY)

    Karen’s Special Homeroom

    Homework: Weekly Match Selection

    Orlando Mania 2017, opened my eyes to the British Wrestling Scene. During my time when I heavily followed the BritWres scene, Progress and WCPW/Defiant, were the two promotions I regularly followed. Those two promotions paired with a multitude of smaller, independent promotions, you couldn’t turn any show on without seeing Millie McKenzie. I loved that she and Charlie Evans not only trained with Meiko Satomura and the Sendai Girls’ team, but McKenzie is also a former SenJo Junior Champion and with Evans, as Medusa Complex, they held the Sendai Girls Tag Team Championships. NXT UK had a bonafide future champion with “Emilia McKenzie,” but unfortunately she arrived during the Age of The Final Boss.

    WCPW/Defiant Wrestling are part of the reason why I ventured out of my WWE comfort zone. They helped introduce me to the larger pro-wrestling landscape, by making independent wrestling accessible, especially to fans who lived outside of the UK. I never had the chance to see one of their shows live, but they are very much part of my fandom history.

    When I was deep in the BritWrest scene, McKenzie was THE IT Girl!

    If there was a teenage prodigy, it was Millie McKenzie. Easily one of the most charismatic and talented young performers who simply keeps getting better. While she did have time in NXT UK, honestly, she was one of the names I wanted to be released back into the wild purely because she has an innate talent and charisma that will take her far. With her upcoming match against TJPW’s Miyu Yamashita at Pro-Wrestling EVE’s Wrestle Queendom in November, what better time to go for a deep dive into one of McKenzie’s pre-NXT mainstays. I also LOVED her work in Progress.

    • Promotion: WCPW/Defiant Wrestling
    • Event: Defiant #10
    • Date: 02/23/2018
    • Result: Millie McKenzie defeated Lana Austin – Non-Title contest
    • Venue: Bowlers Exhibition Center, Manchester, England UK

    International Joshi Learning Excursion!

    If you see me, please say hello! Also, if I spot a POST Wrestling shirt… I may stop and compliment you on it! Tell me your name, preferred pronouns & who your oshi (favorite wrestler(s)) are! Safe travels!

    FIELD TRIPS – Please say hello if you see me at a show!

    • Garden State Pro-Wrestling Dynasty Clash (9/16) – Warinanco Ice Skate Park, Roselle, NJ
    • NJPW Royal Quest 2 (10/1-2) – Crystal Palace Indoor Arena, London, England
    • NJPW Rumble on 44th Street – Palladium Times Square, NYC, NY

    EVENT REPORT SCHEDULE – Additional big events to be added later.

    • STARDOM: 5★GP22 Finals (10/1) – Musashino Forest Sports Center
    • TJPW: Wrestle Princess III (10/9) Tokyo Dome City Hall
    • NJPW x STARDOM: Historic X-Over (11/20) – Ariake Arena

    Thanks for reading! Have a lovely week!

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