Dream Slam Weekly (Vol. 22): Yuna Mizumori Goes Freelance and KAIRI Announced for IWGP Women's Tournament

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Full Circle Already?!

One year. ONE FULL YEAR! This Sunday, I celebrate my one year anniversary with POST Wrestling. Up until that point, I had only dropped by a couple episodes of POST Puroresu with WH. This time last year, I experienced my first Stardom Five Star Grand Prix, culminating in my ugly crying over Syuri’s barn burner of a match against Takumi Iroha and her monumental win over Momo Watanabe in the same night, followed by her heartbreaking victory speech, where she openly discussed the passing of her mother. Let’s start with a review of my classes as the Homeroom Teacher of Stardom!

Stardom Event Reviews (9/2021~)

POST Podcasts – Podcasting and confidence in my voice on camera has been a goal of mine for quite some time now. I can’t thank the POST family enough for giving me a seat at the table and a hot mic for some spicy takes!

Year One: October 2021-September 2022 Review!

  • POST News DailyKAIRI (2/18/22) , KUSHIDA (4/19/22)
  • G1 CLIMAX 32 CoverageG1 Preview (7/12/22), Day 1 FREE! (7/17/22), Days 8-9 (7/30-31/22), & Days 16 & 17 (8/13-14/22)
  • POST PuroresuOctober 2021 Bonus!, March 2022, June 2022
  • MCU L8R – Hawkeye (e5), MoonKnight (e4), Ms. Marvel (e4), & She-Hulk (e6)
  • POSTmarks (e7) May 2022 – with my personal Suzuki Incident on the thumbnail
  • Long & Winding Royal Road (e26) – Kawada vs. Kojima

Non-Stardom Event Coverage (1/2022~) – I am very thankful that I’ve been allowed to branch out from Stardom coverage and help share my love for the Japanese wrestling scene, including covering passion projects like the Hana Kimura Memorial Show and branching out beyond Stardom. With TJPW’s growing presence, especially with crossover with AEW, I finally asked if I could add TJPW’s big shows to my coverage queue. The continued support for DSW really made this possible and I have truly enjoyed learning more about TJPW.

Dream Slam WeeklyVolume 1 (4/30/22~) DSW has been one of my biggest challenges and passion projects since joining POST only because it has shown me how deep the scope of the Japanese women’s wrestling scene is as well as how far reaching the international independent scene is and how ever ring seems to be connected regardless of continent! I was in disbelief when it was first offered to me, but with this volume, it’s been twenty-two weeks of deep dives and lamenting on how much amazing wrestling is available out there!

It definitely makes my bucket list for my next trip to Japan rather long because after over five months of coverage, I want to clone myself and go watch all the promotions! Stardom shows like Stardom in Showcase and the remainder of the New Blood series were moved to this format with mini-reviews. Additionally, if there are shows I get to do mini-reviews for, this is the place!

In Volume 19, I finally took a stab at designing a logo for the column. I can’t thank Wai enough for helping me make it simple, but unique from the rest of POST’s branding. I’m also grateful to John for allowing me to make it a visual buffet and akin to my event reports, where I can include my thoughts, some translations, and fun news tidbits. Plus, if I haven’t said it before, a sincere 20 seconds of continuous, meaningful eye contact (see this week’s MCU L8R She-Hulk episode) to WH for helping me decide on a fun title for the column because I truly had a tough time making up my mind.

POSTmarks PodcastLet’s be honest, my personal Suzuki Incident photo from 2018 is the bet thumbnail of me ever.

I cannot thank POST, especially John and Wai for taking a chance on me last autumn. I know this week’s opening might be a bit long, but I wanted to take a moment to review my first full year at post… well 363.5 DAYS (since this is live the morning before the calendar day)! What started as event reports for my favorite women’s promotion, Stardom, has evolved into the development and further cultivation of confidence as a writer and content creator. I’ve learned many things in the last year, so I would be remiss if I didn’t take a beat to look back and express my gratitude to the entire POST Family. I’m here because of your support.

With an exceptionally full and happy heart, I am thrilled to see where the next year at POST takes me… well… besides to Royal Quest 2 NEXT WEEKEND in LONDON!! Fingers crossed that the impending tropical depression nine, doesn’t turn my plans into a wash by next week! I appreciate everything and everyone who has pulled up a seat on my Joshi Learning Excursion, and I can’t wait to share more adventures with you in the future.

International Excursions & Adventures


  • Prestige Wrestling Perseverance (9/17; Pomona, CA)
    • Miyu Yamashita defeated Trish Adora (14:04)
    • Sandra Moon defeated Maki Itoh (10:26)

TONIGHT (9/24)!

October 2022

November 2022

  • Jungle Kyona: Deadlock Pro Wrestling (11/12; Concord, NC)
  • EVE: Hyper Misao, Miyu Yamashita & Takumi Iroha (11/13; London, UK)

Passports Ready! Who’s Going TO Japan?!

  • EVE x TJPW: The Uprising (Rhia O’Reilly & Nightshade) will challenge Reiwa Double A Canon for the Princess Tag Team Championships at Wrestle Princess III on October 9th!
  • UPDATE! International Princess Champion, Alex Windsor, and Max the Impaler also added to WPIII card!


2AW (Active Advance Wrestling)

Ayame Sasamura has been busy working in many places. Many might be familiar with 2AW which rebranded from the Kaientai Dojo several years back. One of their more notable younger wrestlers, Ayato Yoshida, had a brief stint in NJPW as a Young Lion before returning to his home promotion. Ayame is one of the only women in the promotion, which is why you see her in multiple promotions including Sendai Girls, Marvelous, SEAdLINNNG, WAVE.

Results! 2AW Grand Slam in Korakuen Hall (Broadcast Date: 9/17/22)

  • Singles Match: Chihiro Hashimoto defeated Ayame Sasamura (15:49)

Results! 2AW Fight Series (9/17-19) 2AW Square

  • Four Way Tag Match (9/17): Koen (Kengo Mashimo & Kunio Toshima) defeated Starlight Dreamers (Ayame Sasamura & Kotaro Yoshino) and BUG’s MUTATION (Ayumu Honda & Chicharito Shoki) and THE RULE (Ayato Yoshida & Takuma Joshiba) (14:21)
  • Singles Match (9/18): Daiju Wakamatsu defeated Ayame Sasamura (8:41)
  • Tag Match (9/19): Starlight Dreamers (Ayame Sasamura & Kyu Mogami) defeated Kotarsu Nasu & Madeline (13:41)