Drew Gulak done with WWE

According to PWInsider, Gulak’s contract expired last night.


Am I allowed to link to another website? If not, please just erase the post/link.

What a strange release/ contract expiration by WWE.

He’s been a focal point of their most watched show for the last few months.

Sounds like they thought a deal would get done but it just didn’t. It is weird.

Well, Drew asked for more money and Vince said no. If Drew was still on that 205 Live deal, he was perfectly justified to do so, considering that Daniel Bryan has increased Gulak’s stock tenfold in the past few months.

Can you confirm who reported that? Or are you speculating?

I think the initial report was that he was negotiating, so we can assume he wanted some sort of a raise. Maybe with the idea that he will not get it and leave regardless, but still.

Bad timing with the COVID-19, but I’ll say good for him leaving this cesspool.

I don’t think that at all implies it’s money based. While money is of course one major aspect of negotiations, I could easily see the hangup being dates/schedule, creative direction, time off etc.

Its too bad, he was a bright spot on Smackdown.

Yeah, and if he wanted less dates for the same amount of money, is this a financial or dates dispute?

Is this a serious question? Or are you being sarcastic?

If it’s serious, I would say that’s a dates issue, but at the end of the day we are getting into semantics.

He could want more money/same dates, he could want less dates and is fine with less money, he could want more money/less dates, who knows. I just feel we can’t definitively say its a money issue unless Gulak himself comes out an says so, or a credible news source reports it. Otherwise its not fair to Gulak for us to speak about his situation so matter of fact. Its one thing to speculate, its another to say it definitively.

Meltzer said he wanted more money, which makes a lot of sense. He’s basically been a main roster guy for a while now and is probably still on his 205 Live deal.

All that being said, no big loss at all. Just bizarre that he’s allowed to walk after being used so much lately, but it’s Vince.

Oh ok, I never read what Meltzer reported, I just read the PWInsider article. If this is true, I can’t say I’m shocked. Drew doesnt seem to be the type of wrestler that Vince would value.that much, and given all the releases/cutbacks recently, probably a hard time to get Vince to agree to more money.

Another one introduced to the mainstream North American audience by WWE, then off to be over somewhere else.

That will likely keep happening for as long as WWE is in business. With a company as big as they are with as much talent coming up as they do, its bound to happen over and over again.

Just saw Joey Janela’s Tweet saying there would be no Joey Janela if it wasn’t for Drew Gulak. He has a lot to answer for.