Drew McIntyre: "The UK wrestling scene is on fire right now, NXT UK is at the top of the pile"

Originally published at https://www.postwrestling.com/2021/11/07/drew-mcintyre-the-uk-wrestling-scene-is-on-fire-right-now-nxt-uk-is-at-the-top-of-the-pile/

Drew McIntyre chats UK wrestling and what it means to the first British-born WWE Champion.

A portion of the WWE roster is currently on a tour of the United Kingdom and thus far, they’ve had shows in Brighton, Sheffield and Birmingham, England. McIntyre is not on this tour but he promoted it while speaking to Telegraph & Argus.

McIntyre recalled his memories of working in Bradford, England and expressed that the UK wrestling scene is on fire right now with NXT UK leading the charge.

There is a good chance I would have performed in Bradford when I was about 18 or 19. I have definitely wrestled in Bradford at some point, probably at one of the town halls. The UK wrestling scene is on fire right now. NXT UK is at the top of the pile. All of our roster couldn’t wait to get back to the UK. The crowds are like the ones at a football match. They have their own chants and signs. It feels great to be back in the UK. I make sure I have some downtime during the UK tour to see my family. I have been to Leeds a few times with the WWE. The UK crowds are some of the loudest fans. Becoming the first British-born WWE champion was one of the proudest moments of my life, not just my career. It was always a goal of mine when I first came to America.

The latest episode of NXT UK was headlined by Meiko Satomura versus Jinny for the NXT UK Women’s Championship. That episode is going to be reviewed by John Siino on his Shot In The Dark show.

Anyone here watch NXT UK? Has it been butchered? Is it what the US NXT used to be?

…On fire in the sense that talent raids and years of protecting and enabling creeps have left it a smoldering husk of what it once was? Sure, I guess.


Sure, not disagreeing with that. I mean the on screen product as of November 2021. I’m curious if they have changed the same way NXT US has changed.

I watch it, only WWE product I watch regularly lol it’s better then 2.0 at the very least lol


Sorry, was just replying to Drew’s “on fire” comment. Couldn’t speak to the state of NXT UK - haven’t seen anything since Walter/Dragunov 1.


No worries, you’re not wrong about the UK scene over the past few years.