Drew Parker departing Big Japan Pro Wrestling in December

Originally published at Drew Parker departing Big Japan Pro Wrestling in December

Drew Parker departing Big Japan Pro Wrestling.

For the past two years of his career, Drew Parker has been a part of Big Japan Pro Wrestling. Parker held the company’s Deathmatch Heavyweight Championship on one occasion and dropped the title in September.

Big Japan posted a video onto their socials of Drew Parker announcing that he’ll be departing the company. Drew feels it’s time that he and Big Japan parted ways and he hopes to see everyone he formed relationships with there down the road.

Hello everyone, Big Japan Pro Wrestling’s Drew Parker. A little announcement, in December I’ll be leaving Big Japan Pro Wrestling to go home. I’ve been here for two-and-a-half years, two years if I was just consistent the whole way through Corona and yeah, I think it’s just about time that me and Big Japan part ways. Of course I will always support the Big Japan family, made a lot of friends, met so many amazing fans. A lifelong experience within these two years and yeah, hope to see you again soon. Thank you very much.

In Big Japan’s tweet, it is noted that Parker will temporarily be heading home to his native of Wales and his return to Japan has not been determined yet.

In light of the current situation Corona, it has been decided that Drew Parker will make his final appearance of the year at Korakuen Hall on Sunday, December 12, and will temporarily return to his native Wales. The timing of his return to Japan has not been determined at this time.

End of a huge chapter in my life.

Destination? https://t.co/m6ldUGAy14

— drew parker // ドリュー・パーカー (@drewparker341) November 10, 2021

Parker is 23 years of age and has been wrestling since 2014. This past summer at GCW’s Homecoming weekend, he captured the GCW Ultraviolent Championship while successfully defending Big Japan’s Deathmatch Title.