Dynamite falls to lowest viewership of 2023 on its regular night

The problem is the idea that Tony Khan is above nearly every other wrestling promoter who has ever lived. I’m not talking felonies, but business practices and ego, and all the other carny stuff.

Just because he’s not a gross MAGA old timer doesn’t mean he’s a saint.

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I agree with a lot of what you are saying, though I don’t think you should feel exhausted to be an AEW fan. I don’t think you should care about what others think about the company as long as you enjoy it, who cares. I used to get so annoyed by Twitter and Tok Tok, but rather then argue with idiots, I ignore them. I get why someone like Tony, or employees of the company may feel that way, as a fan I would suggest to just ignore it.

For the record, I do think AEW will get out of this slump, but I think it’s an interesting conversation to have. I equate it to a sports team, go to say the New York Mets message board….fans are going to give ideas on how to improve the team. They may point to free agency, drafting trades etc. it’s no different in wrestling…….most of us want to see WWE, AEW, TNA etc thrive because it’s better for the industry ad a whole. You mention “bad faith takes” a lot, I feel if you’re always thinking people are “attacking” or “turning” on AEW, you’re going to begin to see that whether it’s actually there or not. I’m sure there are some journalists who have (that house of wrestling/Punk guy I’m sure is one, ) but they are media and the job of media is to report and give takes, they’re not doing their jobs if they are playing AEW PR.

With all that said, it’s hard to say for sure. For me, I can 100% tell you overexposure is turning me off. For two hours a week, I will be committed to your product. With 5 hours a week (9 hours on a PPV week, I begin to pick and choose and view nothing as must see.

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I actually think TK is TOO nice. Giving guys jobs and putting them on TV when they have no business being there (Hardy’s).

He’s also trusted wrestlers too much to do their own creative (Bucks/Dark Order, MJF-quarters, etc).

Wrestling is full of selfish dicks who will put themselves ahead of the company. TK is going to have to act like a boss eventually.

As for making stars, I think they have done an ok job at that. MJF, Hangman, OC and Darby have all been turned into main eventers and Swerve is right there.

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Totally agree. I find it exhausting as well. Is this a US thing concentrating on viewing figures. I know you guys love your stats? (Sorry if you’re not American).

In the UK it’s not a discussion.

Sports viewing figures change and us viewers never know. Occasionally things move channel like WWE being dropped from Sky and going TNT sports but no one really cares….it’s just annoying as we have to buy another package if we wanna watch.

AEW is awesome right now. TK seems fine to me but I don’t follow his social media which may help.

People just wanna highlight the negatives which is a shame but I guess I’ve done the same with WWE at times. But that’s honestly come from a place of wanting to enjoy the product but not. I’ve finally decided to accept its just not for my taste….only took me 32 years to realise.

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It’s not a US thing, its a wrestling thing. Never in my life has anyone made a comment to me about how their hockey team produces a better demo number then my hockey team. Never in my life has some bragged to me that a TV show they watch gets a better number then a show I watch. I feel that this is a product of the Monday Night wars, and is something that WWE and AEW (more so AEW) talk about ad nauseum. I mean Jericho literally uses it as a part of his gimmick calling himself “The Demo God”.

There are fans that just want to criticize WWE or AEW, and fans like that I don’t care to hear their takes either. Like I said to @MarkP, this is why I stay off Tik Tok and Twitter because those fans are there in droves. But this is a discussion board where we are all fans who want to see the shows improve, are we not allowed to discuss how something can improve? If people were saying “AEW sucks” or “WWE is shit”, ok I understand. But to give takes on how to improve a show, I dont think these topics should be taboo.

I have enjoyed AEW alot this year, the overexposure is starting to get to me, but overall the product has been good, their PPV’s are typically the best in the business. But they are slumping from a numbers perspective, and as fans there is nothing wrong with discussing it.

I agree, but when you overhype you loose credibility and then when you announce that something “huge” is coming, and fans don’t perceive it as “huge” when it happens, people stop caring. Bischoff was the worst at this back in the 90’s, the amount of times he made Tony say that a Nitro was the “biggest ever” got exhausting. WWE is guilty of this as well, Tony is just the one doing it in the here and now. I agree that this is just what promoters do, especially early in their careers.

I’ve never met Hunter before, but I have met Shawn (not on a personal level, it was just a signing), I will say the guy was incredibly nice to me. I think with those two, a lot of people have a hard time changing their opinions of them from the days of The Montreal Screwjob and Shawn’s behavior in general back then. I’m sure that scene of Hunter against the wall with that arrogant face as Julie Hart railing into him has stuck in the heads of most of us Canadians for decades lol. I won’t pretend to know the guy because I don’t, but in 2023 most talents are pretty high on him, now maybe that’s because Vince set the bar so low, who knows.

What does this mean? is their booking supposed to be “more sincere” in some way?

I’m honestly trying to understand. It’s a perfectly valid opinion (that I agree with) that HHH and Shawn Michaels haven’t been nice people in their careers. But DX lobbying to take the European Title off Davey Boy Smith 25 years ago doesn’t make me question their motives when they book a good match in 2023.